Magic of Unicorns Oracle 7/13/2022

I AM PRESENCE: Expand your Stellar Gateway. I AM That I AM.

Congratulations! When you receive this card, it suggests that you are connecting with your Monad or I AM Presence or preparing to do so.

Your ascension path commences when you anchor and activate your 12-dimensional chakras. Working with your unicorn accelerates your journey, so first ask it to illuminate your Earth Star chakra, beneath your feet. Then be aware of its pure light moving up through your base, sacral, navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown, causal and Soul Star chakras before igniting the golden orange chalice of your Stellar Gateway, above your head.

Your Stellar Gateway is in the charge of Archangel Metatron and is your link to your I AM Presence, your original divine spark from Source. It is directly connected to Nigellay, the ascended aspect of Mars, which is the cosmic Stellar Gateway chakra, carrying a peaceful spiritual warrior energy. When you tune into it, your unicorn brings you a download of peace and courage.

Archangel Metatron’s vast chalice is also connected to the Great Central Sun and millions of light codes are drawn into your Stellar Gateway from there. Your I AM Presence uses them to support your soul and bring you happiness. The most potent I AM affirmation of all, ‘I AM That I AM,” enables you to embrace, for a fraction of a second, the light of your Monad.

Your guidance is to sit quietly and illuminate each chakra in turn with unicorn light, then connect through your Stellar Gateway to your I AM Presence.

Connect with your I AM: Sit or stand quietly. Be aware of your Stellar Gateway chakra, a huge ball of golden orange light above your head. Ask Archangel Metatron to bring it down over you. Your unicorn lights it up. Sense it linking to your I AM Presence. Know this is accelerating your ascension journey.

Affirmation: ‘I AM That I AM.’

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

UNICORN PORTAL: Focus your light. Listen for a message.

A portal is a high-frequency space or gateway to another dimension. When you draw this card, unicorns are asking you to create one in your home, office or somewhere special so that they can step from their domain into yours.

When you have decided where your portal will be, decide how long you wish it to remain in place. Then follow the visualization below and know you are creating a space where humans and unicorns can meet. Anyone entering the portal in their physical or spiritual body can connect more easily with unicorns there.

Create a unicorn portal: Set the intention to create a unicorn portal. Cleanse the place where you wish to create it with music, the Violet Flame, sage sticks or anything else that feels right to you. Prepare the space with crystals, candles, flowers and/or an altar. You may like to use a selenite or quartz crystal as an anchor point. Visualize a beautiful door to another dimension. See your unicorn placing a garland of roses around your neck – red for cosmic action, pink for love, white for purity and/or gold for wisdom. Your unicorn passes you a key. Open the door and enter the unicorn realms. Receive the light, love blessings or inspiration from the unicorns who greet you. Do they have a message for you? Leave the door open so that the unicorns can step through.

As soon as you have set up your portal and dedicated it with love and pure intentions, unicorns will be drawn towards it. This card has come to you because you are ready to serve the universe in this way.

Affirmation: ‘I serve the unicorn kingdom.’

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

COSMIC DIAMOND: Spread hope and joy. Illuminate the world.

Diamond is the solid form of Archangel Gabriel’s light. It shimmers with purity, joy, everlasting promise, hope and clarity. A cosmic diamond is a vast translucent etheric gem of great power and grace, carrying the qualities of all the color rays. When unicorns add their energy to it, it raises its frequency to the ninth dimension.

When you receive this card, your unicorn and Archangel Gabriel will place a cosmic diamond over your energy fields to purify you and raise your light levels. The facets of this ethereal jewel will cut away the lower energies within you. Your guidance is to call it in whenever you are walking, going about your daily business or meditating.

This is a card of higher service and you are asked to use the cosmic diamond illuminated with unicorn energy to help others and the world. Ask Archangel Gabriel and your unicorn to place it over those individuals, communities or even countries that are bewildered and seeking clarity. You can visualize it over situations or places where people need hope, joy, trust and commitment. You can make a difference by picturing it over decision-makers, so that they make wise, inspired choices for the highest good.

Wherever you send it, ask your unicorn to illuminate it so that it glitters with a thousand rainbows to bring new optimism to the world.

Work with a cosmic diamond: Relax and be receptive. Sense or see a vast cosmic diamond above you. Archangel Gabriel is slowly bringing it down over you. It shimmers with rainbow lights. Your unicorn touches it and activates it with pure love. You rest within the diamond of purity, joy, oneness and unconditional love. Take a few moments to experience this. Send it to people, places and situations that need it.

Affirmation: ‘A cosmic diamond surrounds me.’

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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