Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 7/14/2022

RHIANNON: Self-Love: You may have begun to doubt yourself. Or uncertainty may be a long-running theme in your life. Honor yourself and your needs by spending time to build your confidence. Respect yourself. Love yourself. Do not allow others to diminish your self-worth. The opinions and behaviors of others are not a reflection of who you are. You are good enough.

If you have been a victim of false witness and gossip, stay steadfast. You will be empowered to rise above your circumstances. Breathe in and trust that truth will prevail. Develop strong boundaries. This will help you heal and reclaim your personal power to live in the freedom of being your unique and true self. Discard the mask you wear daily to please others. Know you are worthy of the good things in life. Trust your heart. It holds innate wisdom beyond the logic of your rational mind and acts as a compass to guide you. Trust this sacred guidance and know your worth, and that you are always connected to Spirit.

Call on Rhainnon: to help transition through endings, be it death, a relationship, a job or career, moving house, or other life changes; when you have been a victim of false witness or gossip; for strength to overcome the need to feel accepted by others; when your self-esteem has suffered; to overcome codependency; to help transcend the role of victim. (It is important to remember that those who harm or speak ill against you are on their own path. Their story does not have to be part of yours.)

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OONAGH: Creative Solutions: Sometimes problems need creative solutions rather that a ‘fight of flight’ reaction. Consider it possible to resolve your current situation by inventing a different scenario, one you have never thought of before. It is sometimes better to rewrite your story and live the life you want.

You can survive and achieve victory by thinking outside the box. Do not rush to make things happen while in a state of apprehension. Instead, have the faith to use your wits to find ways to solve problems. Trust that everything is occurring in perfect timing and be open to the fact that the right answer may at first seem unconventional.

Call on Oonagh: to help solve problems in imaginative and magical ways; when you sense nervous energy and need to find ways to feel at ease; when you want to work with the Faerie realm.

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BASTET: Guardian and Protectress: Know when to seek action and when to be still. Know when to give and when to receive. Release your need for complete control or perfection. Become an observer in situations and walk the middle path. Stay safe from harm by avoiding dangerous situations. Be cautious as you move around risk situations, including those involving investments or relationships.

Celebrate your sensuality, whether you are single or with a partner. Remember, sensuality is a part of you in everything you do. It is not only about how sexy you feel but about deeply appreciating everything that pleases your senses. Create moments in your day that bring you great delight and satisfaction.

Call on Bastet: to clear away fear and restore positive energy; when you need protection, or your loved ones do; when your well-being is threatened by negative or abusive behavior and you need clarity, courage, and strength to lead you to a more joyful path; when you need help tapping into the full spectrum of sensual delights; to remind you that you are a gorgeous being with a beautiful soul; to remind you that your sensuality is a manifestation of your sacred connection to the divine source.

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