Unicorn Oracle 9/29/2022

LISTEN TO YOUR HEART: Awaken psychic abilities. Tune in to the infinite.

With this card, your guidance is to develop and fine-tune your senses.

Every chakra sends out antennae to feel psychically into the energies around you. If you are clairsentient, your sacral chakra may pick up the feelings and emotions of others, then absorb them as your own. If this is the case, ask your unicorn to raise the frequency of your sacral chakra so that you are able to empathize spiritually and soothe the pain of others without taking it on. Invite your unicorn to pour light into your solar plexus chakra until it becomes golden. Then it will send out feelers to seek the wisdom of the situations and the higher solutions to deal with them.

The greatest psychic center of all is the heart, for when this is illuminated with love, compassion and empathy, you have a true connection with people, animals and the angelic realms. You become One with All, so you are psychically attuned to others at every level.

Your third eye is a vast chakra for clairvoyance and enlightenment. Your unicorn particularly links to your heart and third eye, so your guidance is to breathe pure white light into these centers and sense them becoming brighter and more sensitive.

When this card appears, your crown chakra is being triggered to send out connections to the universe. Be open to claircognisence, clear knowing, so that keys and codes of true wisdom and light can be downloaded into you.

Develop your psychic abilities: Ask your unicorn to place a ring of light round you. Then ask it to touch the following chakras: your sacral to attune to others with detached compassion; your solar plexus to explore wise solutions; your heart to look for Oneness; your throat to develop clairaudience; your third eye to develop clairvoyance; your crown to tune in to universal wisdom.

Affirmation: “My unicorn attunes my psychic senses.”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

COSMIC DIAMOND: Spread hope and joy. Illuminate the world.

Diamond is the solid form of Archangel Gabriel’s light. It shimmers with purity, joy, everlasting promise, hope and clarity. A cosmic diamond is a vast translucent etheric gem of great power and grace, carrying the qualities of all the color rays. When unicorns add their energy to it, it raises its frequency to the ninth dimension.

When you receive this card, your unicorn and Archangel Gabriel will place a cosmic diamond over your energy fields to purify you and raise your light levels. The facets of this ethereal jewel will cut away the lower energies within you. Your guidance is to call it in whenever you need clarity, hope or inspiration. You can do this when you are walking, going about your daily business or meditating.

This is a card of higher service and you are asked to use the cosmic diamond illuminated with unicorn energy to help others and the world. Ask Archangel Gabriel and your unicorn to place it over those individuals, communities or even countries that are bewildered and seeking clarity. You can visualize it over situations or places where people need hope, joy, trust and commitment. You can make a difference by picturing it over decision-makers, so that they make wise, inspired choices for the highest good.

Wherever you send it, ask your unicorn to illuminate it so that it glitters with a thousand rainbows to bring new optimism to the world.

Work with a cosmic diamond: Relax and be receptive. Sense or see a vast cosmic diamond above you. Archangel Gabriel is slowly bringing it down over you. It shimmers with rainbow lights. Your unicorn touches it and activates it with pure love. You rest within the diamond of purity, joy, oneness and unconditional love. Take a few moments to experience this. Send it to people, places and situations that need it.

Affirmation: “A cosmic diamond surrounds me.”

COSMIC PEARL: Expand your psychic gifts. Open the gate to the angelic realms.

Luminous, iridescent cosmic pearls glow with the Divine Feminine energies of caring, nurturing, beauty, creativity, peace, enlightenment and inner serenity. Archangel Joules, who is in charge of all the waters of the planet, is instrumental in the creation of these pearls. Water is the psychic element and it enables them to maintain a very high spiritual energy. They help you to attune to the currents of the universe and also enhance your psychic abilities.

Archangel Christiel, who oversees the causal chakra and the Moon, co-creates the cosmic pearls with Archangel Joules. He is the pure white Archangel of Peace who guards the Stargate of Lyra, the unicorn’s entry point for the universe. When unicorns illuminate a cosmic pearl, they increase its effect ten-fold.

Your guidance today is to ask your unicorn to light up a cosmic pearl and place it in your third eye. Know that it is waking up your latent psychic gifts. Then ask that it expands to include your causal chakra, above and slightly behind your crown, for this contains your gateway to the angelic realms. Receiving this card suggests that these gates are opening wider for you now.

Tune in to your wisdom. Then send a cosmic pearl to people and situations that need its gentle influence. Take a moment to see this blessed pearl light up and purify the waters of our planet.

Work with a cosmic pearl: If possible, drink a glass of water before making this connection. Imagine yourself sitting by a serene sea on a moonlit night. Archangel Joules places a magnificent cosmic pearl in your third eye. Sense it enhancing your psychic abilities. It expands until it surrounds your causal chakra. Archangel Christiel touches it with unicorn energy. Your casual chakra opens and becomes a portal to the angelic realms. Enter the seventh heaven and experience the love of the angels.

Affirmation: “I am illuminated by a cosmic pearl.”

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