Native Spirit Oracle 10/30/2023

Stand up and be counted. Be assertive. Don’t be shy about sharing your gifts and letting the world know about your value. Declare with authority, “This is who I am, and this is what I stand for!” Make a stand for others less fortunate. Take risks. Walk in rhythm to the beat of your ownContinue reading “Native Spirit Oracle 10/30/2023”

Earth Warriors Oracle 6/12/2023

In Each Other We Find Ourselves There is a spiritual purpose that only you can fulfill. As you move forward on your journey, you create space for others to move along behind you, and as the ones ahead of your move forward, so too does room open up for your expansion. Upon this earth weContinue reading “Earth Warriors Oracle 6/12/2023”

Native Spirit Oracle 10/1/2022

GREAT MYSTERY: Have faith and know that you’re divinely guided, even when you have doubts. Trust that you’re exactly where you need to be. Believe! You’ve planted your seeds; now allow Creator to do the rest. Even if you can’t see into the future, have faith that the path will be illuminated and go forward.Continue reading “Native Spirit Oracle 10/1/2022”