Fantasy Cats Oracle 11/5/2023

Twilight; let go of things, accept endings, take a break, treat yourself gently. Evening’s slow descent brings enchantment and opens dark veils of possibility. Energy slows. A gentle pace allows ideas to burrow and take root. Inspiration flickers like a candle’s flame dancing and illuminating darkness. Transitions time is made easier by abject beauty, sublimeContinue reading “Fantasy Cats Oracle 11/5/2023”

Divine Feminine Oracle 11/2/2023

I trust the answers I find within me. I know that the presence of love is real. Saint Teresa is a call for the importance of the interior life. She knew intimately about the spiritual wealth we all possess and have access to if we’re willing to go inward. She not only emphasized the needContinue reading “Divine Feminine Oracle 11/2/2023”

Keepers of the Light Oracle 8/8/2023

Trusting Heaven. You are safe. Angels stand close. Surrender your concerns and allow a miracle to occur. Archangel Michael (Saint Michael) is one of the four major archangels in the Abrahamic religions. His twin flame is Faith. He is loved all over the world because he is the patron saint of protection. He wields aContinue reading “Keepers of the Light Oracle 8/8/2023”

Keepers of the Light Oracle 6/13/2023

Cloak of Wisdom: You already know the answer you seek. Trust what you know. Knowledge is learned. Wisdom is remembered. You are in a real cloak of wisdom now. Like Kuthumi, you have been on a wandering path, trying to find answers through study and the insights of others, but now you are uncovering theContinue reading “Keepers of the Light Oracle 6/13/2023”

Reflections on Life

 The passage of time seems so irrelevant today. Yesterday passed without me getting very much accomplished. Does it matter in the greater scheme of things? No. And yet, here I am facing another day, wondering what to do to make it feel like something and not for naught. The way home is not through externalContinue reading “Reflections on Life”

The Divine Feminine Oracle 4/21/2023

The Morning Star: My ego is in service of my soul. And I trust my soul’s divine timing. The ego has a timetable that the soul couldn’t care less about. When we are feeling stressed or threatened in some way, fear can be exceptionally oud and can inform the ego to work overtime in tryingContinue reading “The Divine Feminine Oracle 4/21/2023”

Wisdom From A Seraphim

Wisdom from a Seraphim:  Healing one’s heart is most important to one’s spiritual growth. Opening one’s heart allows the love we desire to be shown to us from within our own heart. Living with integrity has great value in this world. Trust and faith allow us to get up each morning. Compassion is born inContinue reading “Wisdom From A Seraphim”

Blessed Be Oracle 3/17/2023

A Blessing on Your Day: A blessing to bring awareness, to shape and set the energy of the day, and to frame it with light and the possibilities of healing, adventure and gratitude. May your soul feel called by the song of the day. May this day be gentle and good, clear and sure, filledContinue reading “Blessed Be Oracle 3/17/2023”

Lightworker Oracle 3/14/2023

The light of the stars exists in you. The Earth wants you to share that light with humanity. You are asked to understand that you are meant to be here, that you have spiritual work to accomplish. Give up the idea that you belong somewhere else, to another home in the stars. Instead, let theContinue reading “Lightworker Oracle 3/14/2023”

Sacred Rebels Oracle 2/15/2023

Though it may cloaked and hidden, within you lies natural magnificence, vibrancy and true uniqueness. The harder this is for you to believe, the more growth this oracle is offering you now. Your opportunity for growth lies in letting go of the need to hide yourself from the world and to let go of anyContinue reading “Sacred Rebels Oracle 2/15/2023”