Dragon Oracle 11/10/2023

Transmutes through the power of divine love. Open up to transcendent love and enlightenment. Purity of heart brings peace, hope and joy. When this card appears, a Lilac Fire dragon will touch you with incredible ninth-dimensional light. So call it in and ask it to touch you. As it approaches you, breathe in divine loveContinue reading “Dragon Oracle 11/10/2023”

Dragon Oracle 5/12/2023

Attunes you to the Infinite. Be still. In the silence, magic can happen. Be in the moment. In the center of all the dimensions, galaxies and universes is an infinite point of pure stillness and love. This is the heart of Source and from it flows the most incredible illumination. As the wishes of SourceContinue reading “Dragon Oracle 5/12/2023”

Lightworker Oracle 2/8/2023

The spiritual worlds are delivering a message to you. You may have already heard it, through telepathic reception, and mistaken it for your own thought. Yet it is inspired by your higher guidance, those spiritual beings that love you without condition. It is an answer to a question and guidance to increase your happiness. ItContinue reading “Lightworker Oracle 2/8/2023”

Dragon Oracle 6/1/2022

SUNSHINE YELLOW DRAGON: Helps you to help animals. Serve animals. Heal, respect and understand them. We share our planet with a great variety of creatures, who are all on a soul journey, just as we are. Like us, animals come from a myriad of star systems and planets. They all incarnate on Earth to experience,Continue reading “Dragon Oracle 6/1/2022”

Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 4/12/2022

BLUE TARA: Transmutation of Anger: A goddess of Indo-Tibetan mythology, Blue Tara is fierce and powerful. One of the twenty-one Taras, she represents unity and transmutation of anger. She helps us overcome challenges and to break habits that are obstacles on our spiritual path. Blue Tara is connected to the blue star, Sirius, also knownContinue reading “Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 4/12/2022”

Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 2/9/2022

PSYCHE: Third Eye Knowledge and Intuition. Greek goddess of the soul and the third eye, Psyche was the wife of the god Eros, (whose Roman counterpart is Cupid). She used her third eye knowledge to attain her goal of being able to reunite with her lover. Psyche did not start out as a goddess, sheContinue reading “Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 2/9/2022”

Dragon Oracle 12/20/2021

ALPHA DRAGON: Harness the divine masculine power of creation. Destroy the old. Visualize your dream. Help to manifest a new world. These incredible galactic dragons carry Archangel Metatron’s highest light. They helped to create the universe that we live in and continue to breathe the yang energy of manifestation into our world. Because they haveContinue reading “Dragon Oracle 12/20/2021”


AIR DRAGON: Helps you rise above earthly matters. Communicate honestly. Brings inspiration and hope. See life from a higher perspective. Fourth-dimensional air dragons are blue, the color of the sky, and fly lightly around us. Air is the element of communication and these dragons help us to breathe properly so that we inhale as muchContinue reading “DRAGON ORACLE READING, 6/22/2021”