Native Spirit Oracle 10/30/2023

Stand up and be counted. Be assertive. Don’t be shy about sharing your gifts and letting the world know about your value. Declare with authority, “This is who I am, and this is what I stand for!” Make a stand for others less fortunate. Take risks. Walk in rhythm to the beat of your ownContinue reading “Native Spirit Oracle 10/30/2023”

Sacred Rebels Oracle 4/14/2023

Deep within you are moved by an ancient, powerful force that cannot be tamed. It is the rising pulse of your connection to the life force. You feel it in your bones, in your blood, in your heart and in your belly. When there is something dying within, you sense it falling away, no longerContinue reading “Sacred Rebels Oracle 4/14/2023”

The Fifth Tarot Reading 1/31/2023

Numerology: Today is a Two day, representing sacred union and balance. With Twos, the essence of polarities is revealed so that perfect union and harmony of opposing aspects can occur. Two represents yin and yang, male and female, light and dark. There is an implied partnership with the Two, suggesting cooperation and adaptability. Twos areContinue reading “The Fifth Tarot Reading 1/31/2023”

Sacred Rebels Oracle 9/13/2022

SPIRALS OF MANIFESTATION: The creative, rebellious path of love moves in spirals. It is not linear. Sometimes our mind decides that the way forward is to take clear steps from one point to the next logical point. However, there is a genius within that can guide us on an alternative route. If there is anContinue reading “Sacred Rebels Oracle 9/13/2022”