Divine Feminine Oracle 11/2/2023

I trust the answers I find within me. I know that the presence of love is real. Saint Teresa is a call for the importance of the interior life. She knew intimately about the spiritual wealth we all possess and have access to if we’re willing to go inward. She not only emphasized the needContinue reading “Divine Feminine Oracle 11/2/2023”

Dragon Oracle 1/1/2022

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL’S DRAGON: Brings purification; Self-discipline will speed ascension and bring joy. You can carry Archangel Gabriel’s diamond. Fifth-dimensional diamond-white dragons serve Archangel Gabriel, the mighty pure white angel of clarity, joy and hope. When we are ready to connect more deeply to him, his dragons shine their crystal light into our energy fields andContinue reading “Dragon Oracle 1/1/2022”