Beyond Lemuria Oracle 11/15/2023

Hidden wisdom codes, potent information, Lemurian seed crystals, seeing your triggers as a gift, awareness of drama-creating patterns, healing the earth by looking at your inner environment, healing through awareness. Be inspired to find the wisdom hidden in those times when you feel triggered. There is so much information within our raw and intense reactionsContinue reading “Beyond Lemuria Oracle 11/15/2023”

Crystal Angel Oracle 10/30/2021

CLEAR QUARTZ: Let Yourself Feel All Your Emotions: Your entire rainbow spectrum of feelings is sending you important messages and guidance. This card guides you to open your heart to the entire rainbow spectrum of emotions. This is your key to feeling great love. By allowing yourself to acknowledge the not-so-pleasant feelings, you drop defensesContinue reading “Crystal Angel Oracle 10/30/2021”