Earth Warriors Oracle 10/21/23

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. You belong to the Clan of the Wolf Heart. This is a soul tribe, with boundaries beyond bloodlines and geography. It is based on soul connection to love’s wisdom and higher truths of Great Spirit. The Clan is united through Wolf medicine and the heart. These areContinue reading “Earth Warriors Oracle 10/21/23”

Divine Feminine Oracle 6/8/2023

I am pure strength. I honor my anger by giving voice to it. Holy rage, sacred anger, and positive aggression – these states of being are crucial aspects of the divine feminine. It’s the female power that ends wars, that brings home missing children, that seek justice for the earth and for those who can’tContinue reading “Divine Feminine Oracle 6/8/2023”

Magic of Unicorns Oracle 4/21/2022

I AM PRESENCE: Expand you Stellar Gateway. I AM That I AM. Congratulations. When you receive this card, it suggests that you are connecting with your Monad or I AM Presence, or preparing to do so. Your ascension path commences when you anchor and activate your 12 fifth-dimensional chakras. Working with your unicorn accelerates yourContinue reading “Magic of Unicorns Oracle 4/21/2022”