Life Lessons and More

Hi everyone. I don’t live where it snows, and we don’t get to see the northern lights so this picture really appealed to me. I wish you all a happy and peaceful holiday season wherever you are in this big wide world we all live on. I haven’t been posting oracle card readings lately asContinue reading “Life Lessons and More”

Dragon Oracle 10/23/2023

Represents a perfect balance of Heaven and Earth. Stay balanced. Ground your visions. Manifest your hopes and dreams. This card indicates it is the time to clarify your hopes and intentions. Ask the brown and blue earth and air dragons to illuminate your visions. The ask them to help you take all the action necessaryContinue reading “Dragon Oracle 10/23/2023”

Cosmic Dancer Oracle 10/15/2023

You are being urged to draw inward, to align with your deep inner compass, and to come into harmony with the energy of the earth. The answer to your question does not lie in the realm of the senses or words, but the center of stillness and silence. When you take a moment to dropContinue reading “Cosmic Dancer Oracle 10/15/2023”

Cosmic Dancer Oracle

Make a clear choice, and commit fully in thought, word and action. When you are grounded in clear intention, and you commit with impeccable integrity and dedication, the Universe instantly mirrors that vibration back to you, to support you in the most effective way, at the highest possible level. If you aren’t grounded in aContinue reading “Cosmic Dancer Oracle”

Passion, Word of the Day 11/7/2022

PASSION: When a subject so captures our mind and heart, passion ignites within us. The desire to experience all aspects of this new activity propels us forward to learn and become proficient. A special kind of love begins in our heart as we give our all to this one extraordinary attraction. We devote our timeContinue reading “Passion, Word of the Day 11/7/2022”

Dragon Oracle 1/1/2022

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL’S DRAGON: Brings purification; Self-discipline will speed ascension and bring joy. You can carry Archangel Gabriel’s diamond. Fifth-dimensional diamond-white dragons serve Archangel Gabriel, the mighty pure white angel of clarity, joy and hope. When we are ready to connect more deeply to him, his dragons shine their crystal light into our energy fields andContinue reading “Dragon Oracle 1/1/2022”