Beyond Lemuria Oracle 10/25/2023

Self-acceptance, wholeness, unconditional love, soul fragments returning, accepting others as they are, staying energetically present, accepting all parts of self, healing internal dis-ease. This card is about loving yourself and others from a sense of wholeness, exactly as you are right now. It is only from this space that healing can take place. We mayContinue reading “Beyond Lemuria Oracle 10/25/2023”

Angels of Abundance Oracle 8/28/2023

This card is coming to you to remind you of the importance of spending time in nature. We are natural beings, and we instinctively change in accordance with the rhythms of our environment. When we spend time in nature, we recharge our physical bodies and reconnect with all the other creatures we share this planetContinue reading “Angels of Abundance Oracle 8/28/2023”