Fantasy Cats Oracle 11/5/2023

Twilight; let go of things, accept endings, take a break, treat yourself gently. Evening’s slow descent brings enchantment and opens dark veils of possibility. Energy slows. A gentle pace allows ideas to burrow and take root. Inspiration flickers like a candle’s flame dancing and illuminating darkness. Transitions time is made easier by abject beauty, sublimeContinue reading “Fantasy Cats Oracle 11/5/2023”

The Wisdom Keepers Oracle 8/5/2023

Patience is about trust. If you trust in life, you will trust life in every moment, even the challenging moments, and in so doing you will always remain in the flow. It is time to soften your shoulders and relax your breath. Get quiet. Listen to your own heartbeat. There is nothing you have toContinue reading “The Wisdom Keepers Oracle 8/5/2023”

Blessings 9/11/2022

A BLESSING TO HEAL A RELATIONSHIP: A blessing to aid you when a relationship seems to be a struggle, and you cannot find a way to mend your torn heart. This blessing is yours, a charge of energy with which you can reweave the threads that once gently held you in suspended relationship. Once thereContinue reading “Blessings 9/11/2022”

Sacred Rebels Oracle 5/20/2022

CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS: There is a call for more intimacy in your immediate relationships. There is an opening for heart-to-heart communications that can salvage and restore a broken relationship or friendship, if you are willing to honor your differences and look to what unites you. Sometimes it is hard to bear the differences between one another.Continue reading “Sacred Rebels Oracle 5/20/2022”

Magdalene Oracle Card Reading, 3/29/2021

Mythic Reality: The situation that is causing you concern will be revealed when you choose to look at it from all sides. When observed with an open heart and mind, you may that see it has a positive side. Let go of preconceived ideas and rigid views. What you are seeing at present time isContinue reading “Magdalene Oracle Card Reading, 3/29/2021”