Fantasy Cats Oracle 11/5/2023

Twilight; let go of things, accept endings, take a break, treat yourself gently. Evening’s slow descent brings enchantment and opens dark veils of possibility. Energy slows. A gentle pace allows ideas to burrow and take root. Inspiration flickers like a candle’s flame dancing and illuminating darkness. Transitions time is made easier by abject beauty, sublimeContinue reading “Fantasy Cats Oracle 11/5/2023”

Messages from the Mermaids 8/9/2023

Call upon a trust friend now. Their perspective will reveal insights into your life that you may not have previously seen or considered. These mermaids are swimming in to support you now because they know another viewpoint is required to help you see your situation clearly from all angles. Sometimes we think we have toContinue reading “Messages from the Mermaids 8/9/2023”


Wooeee! Finally coming up for air. Spirit has been putting me through the paces of ascension complete with headaches, body aches, lack of motivation and entirely different creative work while I processed all the new information coming through at this time. The journey is always interesting even when the road is rocky. New insights popContinue reading “DOING THE WORK”

Crystal Angel Oracle Reading, 2/23/2021

Both cards speak of self-care with gentleness being the most favorable way to address any stress and worry. Slow down, focus on things one at a time. Stop multi-tasking, trying to accomplish everything at once. Rest and detox are required to re-align with your life flow. Your energy levels and health will recover by takingContinue reading “Crystal Angel Oracle Reading, 2/23/2021”