Dragon Oracle 11/10/2023

Transmutes through the power of divine love. Open up to transcendent love and enlightenment. Purity of heart brings peace, hope and joy. When this card appears, a Lilac Fire dragon will touch you with incredible ninth-dimensional light. So call it in and ask it to touch you. As it approaches you, breathe in divine loveContinue reading “Dragon Oracle 11/10/2023”

Dragon Oracle 5/12/2023

Attunes you to the Infinite. Be still. In the silence, magic can happen. Be in the moment. In the center of all the dimensions, galaxies and universes is an infinite point of pure stillness and love. This is the heart of Source and from it flows the most incredible illumination. As the wishes of SourceContinue reading “Dragon Oracle 5/12/2023”

Dragon Oracle 8/14/2022

SUNSHINE YELLOW DRAGON: Helps you to help animals. Be of service to animals. Heal, respect and understand them. We share our planet with a great variety of creatures, who are all on a soul journey, just as we are. Like us, animals come from a myriad of star systems and planets. They all incarnate onContinue reading “Dragon Oracle 8/14/2022”