Dragon Oracle 10/23/2023

Represents a perfect balance of Heaven and Earth. Stay balanced. Ground your visions. Manifest your hopes and dreams. This card indicates it is the time to clarify your hopes and intentions. Ask the brown and blue earth and air dragons to illuminate your visions. The ask them to help you take all the action necessaryContinue reading “Dragon Oracle 10/23/2023”

Native Spirit Oracle 11/42021

FREEDOM HORSE: Let your spirit fly! Do not hold back. Break free and express yourself. Flaunt your stuff, dance, laugh, explore and go beyond predictable behavior. Get out of the rut. You don’t need to fit the mold. Be daring. Fling your arms to the heavens in joy. Your Native Spirit Wants You to Know:Continue reading “Native Spirit Oracle 11/42021”

Mermaid Oracle 10/19/2021

RELAXATION: It’s time for some rest and recuperation! Have you been overdoing things or working too hard? If so, relaxation is required now. Recharge and relax. Mermaids know how to relax, and this one is floating into your day to say, “chill out!” Have you been overdoing things recently, perhaps you’re feeling tired or overwhelmed?Continue reading “Mermaid Oracle 10/19/2021”