A Blessing on Your Creativity 10/19/2023

A blessing to stoke the fires of your creative soul, to bring forth the dreams that lie in wait for you, a blessing to charge up your gifts so that they can be seen and shine within the world. Creativity is a blessing given to us all – yours is as natural to you asContinue reading “A Blessing on Your Creativity 10/19/2023”

Dragon Oracle 9/21/2023

Brings you higher love so that you embody the Christ Light. Absorb the Christ Light. You are protected. Expand your heart and remain fifth-dimensional. You are blessed to receive this card, for the luminous golden Christed dragons will automatically flood you with the purest Christ Light. They will remind you that your heart is incrediblyContinue reading “Dragon Oracle 9/21/2023”

Archangel Oracle 4/15/2023

Archangel Sandalphon: “We angels bring you gifts from your Creator. Open your arms to receive.” “Heaven is expansive and ever increasing. One of the ways in which Heaven expands is through giving and sending love continuously. This love is sent your way in many forms, and your only task is to be willing to receive.Continue reading “Archangel Oracle 4/15/2023”

Keepers of the Light Oracle 3/31/2023

Divine Alchemy: Move beyond challenges. Focus on what you desire. You are ready to move beyond energies or situations that are no longer helpful to you and make space in your life for something more purposeful. You may feel a real need for clearing out – not just mentally or emotionally, but physically too. ThereContinue reading “Keepers of the Light Oracle 3/31/2023”

Native Spirit Oracle 3/6/2023

Speak your truth. The soul loves the truth: Communicate from your heart and share your reality without hesitation. Be willing to stand before the crowd and share from your center. This isn’t the time to be shy and hesitant; it’s a time to heal through communication. You have the gift of a true leader, throughContinue reading “Native Spirit Oracle 3/6/2023”

Blessings 2/13/2023

A blessing for you, so that you will always have enough to support you and see you thrive. Dearest friend, may there be more than what it is you need, yet always let you be appreciative of all the gifts you have been given. May the natural prosperity and gifts of each season be yoursContinue reading “Blessings 2/13/2023”

The Fifth Tarot Reading 1/31/2023

Numerology: Today is a Two day, representing sacred union and balance. With Twos, the essence of polarities is revealed so that perfect union and harmony of opposing aspects can occur. Two represents yin and yang, male and female, light and dark. There is an implied partnership with the Two, suggesting cooperation and adaptability. Twos areContinue reading “The Fifth Tarot Reading 1/31/2023”

Sacred Rebels Oracle 1/23/2023

The fool is a great rebel, able to thwart convention and tell the truth without restraint. Your heart is a wonderful, powerful, sacred fool! It cares not for the right way to do things. It cares not for what the mind says is real and not real. It lives according to an inner wisdom thatContinue reading “Sacred Rebels Oracle 1/23/2023”

Lightworker Oracle 12/16/2022

DIVINE TALENTS: You are a talented soul. Over many lifetimes, you have developed your spiritual abilities to channel higher awareness, attract healing energy and radiate light to uplift the consciousness of those around you. Your divine talents are many, and uniquely expressed through you. Your talents do not have to resemble those of another toContinue reading “Lightworker Oracle 12/16/2022”