Dragon Oracle 11/10/2023

Transmutes through the power of divine love. Open up to transcendent love and enlightenment. Purity of heart brings peace, hope and joy. When this card appears, a Lilac Fire dragon will touch you with incredible ninth-dimensional light. So call it in and ask it to touch you. As it approaches you, breathe in divine loveContinue reading “Dragon Oracle 11/10/2023”

Pegasus Oracle 9/11/2023

You may believe that the greater the problem, or your suffering, the greater the effort required to overcome it. Yet spiritual grace is capable of effortlessly dissolving even the most considerable pain. Our task is not to deny our discomfort, nor to feel we have spiritually failed if we are suffering. It is to haveContinue reading “Pegasus Oracle 9/11/2023”

Dragon Oracle 8/1/2023

Brings knowledge to your spiritual pathway. Learn about spiritual technology. Be a transmitter of sacred knowledge. These dragons are cosmic travelers and, like all dragons, help us to move through the dimensions. In addition, they will guide and protect us on our inter-dimensional journeys between Earth and other parts of the universe, especially if weContinue reading “Dragon Oracle 8/1/2023”

Esoteric Buddhism of Japan Oracle 5/17/2023

A powerful guide for the path to follow. Make your heart as free as the skies. Use your five senses. Free yourself from fear. Don’t be bound by convention. What is it you hope to accomplish in your life? To reach your aspirations and goals, you must be like the wide-open skies, unburdened and unfettered.Continue reading “Esoteric Buddhism of Japan Oracle 5/17/2023”

Divine Feminine Oracle 5/3/2023

Lady of the Lotus-born: Embodiment is the deepest bliss. My body was made for enlightenment. It can be so easy to forget that everything we touch, everything we say, and everything we do is not separate from the divine. Yeshe embodied one of the most potent spiritual truths: the female body is an asset toContinue reading “Divine Feminine Oracle 5/3/2023”

Magic of Unicorns Oracle 1/30/2023

This card suggests that you are ready to start on another phase of your life. Before you take a step forward or possibly look for a new direction, your guidance is to open your heart and mind to all possibilities. This is important, so take some time to think about your future. What makes yourContinue reading “Magic of Unicorns Oracle 1/30/2023”

Pegasus Oracle 10/4/2022

PEACEFUL PEGASUS OF EARTH: As a guardian of the soul, Pegasus manifests the elemental healing powers of earth to bless, nourish and restore you. These blessings ground the body within the soul, so you more consciously feel your intuition, thus clearing confusion and preventing the second-guessing of your instincts. Earth blessings help the body andContinue reading “Pegasus Oracle 10/4/2022”

Magic of Unicorns Oracle 7/30/2022

LISTEN TO YOUR HEART: Awaken psychic abilities. Tune in to the infinite. (With this card, your guidance is to develop and fine-tune your senses.) Every chakra sends out antennae to feel psychically into the energies around you. If you are clairsentient, your sacral chakra may pick up the feelings and emotions of others, then absorbContinue reading “Magic of Unicorns Oracle 7/30/2022”

Dragon Oracle 7/25/2022

AIR AND WATER DRAGON: Helps you to connect to higher frequencies. Trust your intuition. Develop your psychic abilities. Be open to enlightenment. Express your inner song. Fourth-dimensional blue and green air and water dragons pour light into our third eye to assist our psychic and spiritual development. They help to dissolve our veils of illusionContinue reading “Dragon Oracle 7/25/2022”

Keepers of the Light Oracle 5/2/2022

LADY NADA: Heart Awakening: Awaken to acceptance and divine love. Give and receive in balance. Lady Nada is said to be another incarnation of Mary Magdalene, but even if she is, the energies are slightly different. Lady Nada is a mighty spiritual priestess of love who once existed in the land of Atlantis. She isContinue reading “Keepers of the Light Oracle 5/2/2022”