A Blessing on Your Creativity 10/19/2023

A blessing to stoke the fires of your creative soul, to bring forth the dreams that lie in wait for you, a blessing to charge up your gifts so that they can be seen and shine within the world. Creativity is a blessing given to us all – yours is as natural to you asContinue reading “A Blessing on Your Creativity 10/19/2023”

Lightworker Oracle 3/14/2023

The light of the stars exists in you. The Earth wants you to share that light with humanity. You are asked to understand that you are meant to be here, that you have spiritual work to accomplish. Give up the idea that you belong somewhere else, to another home in the stars. Instead, let theContinue reading “Lightworker Oracle 3/14/2023”

Sacred Rebels Oracle 3/5/2023

An idea has captured your attention – or will do so very soon. It may be a grand vision or the vague sense of something that could be. You are being encouraged to accept the vision, the idea or inspiration as it is important to your creative and spiritual growth. Allow inspiration to fill youContinue reading “Sacred Rebels Oracle 3/5/2023”

The Fifth Tarot Reading 1/29/2023

Numerology for the Day: Today is a Nine day. Nine is considered a sacred number because it is a trinity of trinities, (3×3) or a triad of threes. As such, the vibration of the Nine is that of the highest ideals of selfless love. As the last single digit number, it represents completion and signifiesContinue reading “The Fifth Tarot Reading 1/29/2023”

Sacred Rebels Oracle 1/3/2023

Going Beyond Normal: On the path of life there are deciding moments where we can choose to go with the mainstream or we can dare to take a bolder, more authentic and trusting way – even if it seems riskier or less safe. To rely solely on logic and science, without incorporating the mysterious andContinue reading “Sacred Rebels Oracle 1/3/2023”

Dragon Oracle 9/25/2022

DEEP BLUE DRAGON: Keeps you safe by clearing your pathway. Trust that you are protected. Walk on a path of light. Deep blue dragons work with Archangel Michael, the angel of strength and protection. Dragons can delve into deep dense matter in a way that angels cannot. They can clear and transmute lower frequencies upContinue reading “Dragon Oracle 9/25/2022”

Isis Oracle 7/6/2022

FLOWER OF LIFE: Divine Creativity and Manifestation: You are entering a fertile period of your life. Focus on your innate creativity and how potent this is becoming, and watch it rapidly grow! You are guided to think of yourself as a creative being and to surrender your control over how things will manifest and insteadContinue reading “Isis Oracle 7/6/2022”

Mermaid Oracle 2/15/2022

GRATITUDE: Develop an attitude of gratitude and watch the world around you change for the better. Is your cup half empty or half full? This mermaid has swum into your reading today to remind you to be grateful. She says it’s easy to be grateful for the good things in life, but imagine if youContinue reading “Mermaid Oracle 2/15/2022”

The Divine Feminine Oracle 1/12/2022

THE COSMIC EGG: The Divine Feminine; I hold the universe within me. I am the force of an ever-expanding love. The cosmic egg is the core symbol of the divine feminine’s creative force. It is a spiritual motif found in the creation myths of countless cultures and civilizations. It represents a birth, a new beginning,Continue reading “The Divine Feminine Oracle 1/12/2022”

Sacred Rebels Oracle 12/9/2021

THE WORD WANTS TO BE WRITTEN: You might have been taught that creativity is something you have to work hard to access, or that finding your life purpose is so difficult that you must search high and low for it. Yet what you are is within you and wants to come out at every availableContinue reading “Sacred Rebels Oracle 12/9/2021”