Divine Feminine Oracle 11/2/2023

I trust the answers I find within me. I know that the presence of love is real. Saint Teresa is a call for the importance of the interior life. She knew intimately about the spiritual wealth we all possess and have access to if we’re willing to go inward. She not only emphasized the needContinue reading “Divine Feminine Oracle 11/2/2023”

Beyond Lemuria Oracle 7/27/2023

Unconditional love, empathy, compassion, care, friendliness, goodwill, benevolence, beyond duality, safe space, forgiveness through expanded perspectives, open-hearted joy. Loving kindness is one of the greatest forces available to us on Earth. It has the ability to transform all. Unconditional love is the vibration most closely aligned with God or the Divine. When we allow ourselvesContinue reading “Beyond Lemuria Oracle 7/27/2023”

Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 6/1/2023

Ancestors and Past Lives Know that you are supported by those who have come before you. There are hidden messages available for the asking. There are stories and vibrations held in your cellular memory, which can work for or against you in your current life. There are issues, habits and thoughts hindering you on yourContinue reading “Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 6/1/2023”

Wisdom From A Seraphim

Wisdom from a Seraphim:  Healing one’s heart is most important to one’s spiritual growth. Opening one’s heart allows the love we desire to be shown to us from within our own heart. Living with integrity has great value in this world. Trust and faith allow us to get up each morning. Compassion is born inContinue reading “Wisdom From A Seraphim”

Compassion – Word of the Day, 11/1/2022

COMPASSION: When I was young, compassion was not a concept that I understood nor was it something I experienced. It was not alive and well in the household I was raised in. What I heard, if I heard anything at all, was mostly criticism and being told how I should feel and act, as ifContinue reading “Compassion – Word of the Day, 11/1/2022”

Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 9/27/2022

QUAN YIN: Forgiveness: The Buddhist goddess of compassion, Quan Yin (or Kuan Yin), is dedicated to relieving suffering in the world. Her name translates to “she hears the cries of the world.” She is the one who cares and nurtures all who come to her. She hears the cries of her children and responds toContinue reading “Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 9/27/2022”

Mother Mary Oracle 8/16/2022

OUR LADY OF THE DARK MYSTERIES: I have many names and faces, but behind those names and faces, I am your loving mother always. I come to you in light and darkness, through joy and even, my beloved, through loss and tragedy. I am always your loving mother. I am seeking you, reaching for you,Continue reading “Mother Mary Oracle 8/16/2022”

Beyond Lemuria Oracle 6/24/2022

FREEDOM: Living the life you love, liberation as a shift in perspective, the many facets of freedom, inviting enjoyment and inspiration to your life, discovering what freedom means to you, overcoming limitation, unbound creative expression, choice over obligation. Freedom means living as you choose, with your wings and heart open, able to direct your realityContinue reading “Beyond Lemuria Oracle 6/24/2022”

Divine Feminine Oracle 5/5/2022

SARAH-LA-KALI: Queen of the Outsiders: I have arrived. I am where I will always be: in love. No matter who you are, or where you are, Saint Sarah’s love is the kind that reaches you. There’s nothing you need to perfect or prove. There’s nothing you need to wait to become. There’s only the deep,Continue reading “Divine Feminine Oracle 5/5/2022”

Blessed Be Oracle 2/10/2022

A BLESSING TO SHIELD AND SAFEGUARD YOU: A traditional protective blessing from the Carmina Gadelic, a collection of traditional Celtic blessings, to entwine the forces of the ancient guardians with the needs of your day, bringing back to life the sacred ways so that your day returns to magick, and takes on the shape ofContinue reading “Blessed Be Oracle 2/10/2022”