Divine Feminine Oracle 11/2/2023

I trust the answers I find within me. I know that the presence of love is real. Saint Teresa is a call for the importance of the interior life. She knew intimately about the spiritual wealth we all possess and have access to if we’re willing to go inward. She not only emphasized the needContinue reading “Divine Feminine Oracle 11/2/2023”

Keepers of the Light Oracle 6/13/2023

Cloak of Wisdom: You already know the answer you seek. Trust what you know. Knowledge is learned. Wisdom is remembered. You are in a real cloak of wisdom now. Like Kuthumi, you have been on a wandering path, trying to find answers through study and the insights of others, but now you are uncovering theContinue reading “Keepers of the Light Oracle 6/13/2023”

Sacred Traveler Oracle 7/7/2022

OVERCOMING OBSTACLES: “You can overcome anything.” There may be a blockage in your life (or one ahead); however, you absolutely have all the inner resources you need not just to overcome the difficulty, but also to thrive as a result. No matter what the obstacle is, you are amassing your inner strength to step beyondContinue reading “Sacred Traveler Oracle 7/7/2022”

Magic of Unicorns Oracle 5/26/2022

PURE INTENTION: Find clarity. Surrender your ego. Climbing the spiritual mountain is a sacred quest, so it is important to be very clear about your intention. Dedicate yourself to achieving your goal with integrity, honor and kindness. surrender your ego and make sure your motives are totally pure. When you let go of your desireContinue reading “Magic of Unicorns Oracle 5/26/2022”