A Blessing on Your Creativity 10/19/2023

A blessing to stoke the fires of your creative soul, to bring forth the dreams that lie in wait for you, a blessing to charge up your gifts so that they can be seen and shine within the world. Creativity is a blessing given to us all – yours is as natural to you asContinue reading “A Blessing on Your Creativity 10/19/2023”

Lightworker Oracle 10/17/2023

Trust your spiritual guidance. Your commitment has been recognized. You are loved unconditionally. You have a deep spiritual connection and must trust the guidance that’s coming through. Your devotion to the spiritual path has been recognized. It may feel as if you’ve been on a mental/emotional battlefield, but there are sweet messages of hope aroundContinue reading “Lightworker Oracle 10/17/2023”

Cosmic Dancer Oracle 10/15/2023

You are being urged to draw inward, to align with your deep inner compass, and to come into harmony with the energy of the earth. The answer to your question does not lie in the realm of the senses or words, but the center of stillness and silence. When you take a moment to dropContinue reading “Cosmic Dancer Oracle 10/15/2023”

Earth Warriors Oracle 10/13/2023

The Beautiful Place Your dreams of a more beautiful world are not a product of childish fantasy, nor idle imagination. They are true spiritual visions inspired by the universal heart that yearns for divine paradise to be manifested in all worlds. You have a life purpose to assist in the creation of divine harmony inContinue reading “Earth Warriors Oracle 10/13/2023”

Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 10/11/2023

Amplified Awareness There is enough for everyone. Use your wisdom and power to manifest and achieve any goal. Be aware of your needs and desires. Do you feel envy? This is a normal human experience, so use it to your benefit. Instead of getting caught in envious thoughts and feelings, allow jealousy to be aContinue reading “Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 10/11/2023”

Beyond Lemuria Oracle 10/7/2023

Follow your heart, dream big, stepping through something that has been holding you back, the threshold, starting new projects. self-belief, it is all possible, the road less traveled, trust. Step in and step up all those dreams or projects you have been putting off. Now is the time to start, even if it’s just oneContinue reading “Beyond Lemuria Oracle 10/7/2023”

Sacred Traveler Oracle 10/4/2023

You have come through a period of time where you have had your nose to the grind-stone. It is now time to rest, recharge and just be present in the moment. Allow yourself to choose the circumstances which make your heart sing, that present you with the truth of your life and guide you toContinue reading “Sacred Traveler Oracle 10/4/2023”

Messages from the Mermaids Oracle 9/29/2023

Magic, Mystery and Blessings Open your eyes and heart to wonder and magic. Life is full of magical occurrences. A magical gift will soon be received or given. Here we see the ‘Mer-lin’ in his cave. He’s a powerful and wise wizard who weaves magic between the sea and the land. He’s giving the magicalContinue reading “Messages from the Mermaids Oracle 9/29/2023”

Angels of Abundance Oracle 9/272023

This card heralds a positive change in your career path. You are headed in a much better direction, aligned with your true beliefs and passions. No more suffering just to earn a paycheck. You will not be working from inner truth. This change requires a lot of faith and trust. This card is your assuranceContinue reading “Angels of Abundance Oracle 9/272023”

Sacred Rebels Oracle 9/26/2023

The urge to create is the same within you as it is for the universal creator. It also has the same magical ability to draw harmony into being and to find beautiful order in chaos. This includes bringing harmony and the perfect balance of wellbeing into your body, mind and emotions. This is also theContinue reading “Sacred Rebels Oracle 9/26/2023”