Angels of Abundance Oracle 9/272023

This card heralds a positive change in your career path. You are headed in a much better direction, aligned with your true beliefs and passions. No more suffering just to earn a paycheck. You will not be working from inner truth.

This change requires a lot of faith and trust. This card is your assurance that as long as you consistently take action as you’re Divinely guided, you will continue to be supported.

When you adjust your life to be more heart-centered, there’s a positive effect upon your finances:

Your expenses decrease because you are no longer buying things in an attempt to feel happy. As a happier person, you attract more people who want to work with you as a customer, client, partner, investor, and so on. Your business is successful because it’s built upon passion.

God and the angels are guiding your career transition, and there’s no need to rush, push, or try to control this process. Your role is to keep your mind quiet and sober so that you can clearly hear your Divine guidance . . . and then follow it without hesitation or delay.

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This card speaks to the influence of other people in your life, such as a romantic or marital partner or work associate. Truth the first thought or feeling that you have about the word partnership, as your higher self already knows the truth about these influencing energies.

If you feel that certain people are adversely affecting you, this card signals the need to take a “relationship inventory,” to bring positive energy to the relationships or to decrease your involvement with them.

Studies are showing that a person’s income is proportionate to that of the people he or she spends time with. If you hang out with those who complain, this will bring you down. If you spend time with those who are working to improve their lives and this world, you’ll feel inspired.

This card also signals a business partnership, and again, trust your first thought or feeling for inner guidance. Many successful businesses are formed from partnerships, so you may be guided to network with others or to join a networking group to meet potential partners. God is guiding you to the right people to support the fruition of your Divine life purpose.

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This card signals that the Angels of Abundance have been sending you inspiration and guidance through your dreams. When you are asleep, your ego is “offline” and you are more open to receiving guidance. It is important to analyze what your dreams are trying to impart.

Sometimes on the surface they may not even make a great deal of sense, as their content is often symbolic. However, when you spend time deciphering the imagery and the symbolism present, dreams lay out a very comprehensive message. If you are not remembering your dreams or feel that they are too complex for you to figure out, ask your angels to send you clearer messages that you are more likely to retain.

Each of us dreams every night, and with practice we can start remembering more and more of our dreams. This practice comes in the form of writing down what we recall upon awakening; asking for dreams of guidance; and analyzing the messages we receive either on our own, with a partner, or with a professional dream interpreter.

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