The Silent Language of Love

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There are many ways to say, “I love you”, yet a large percentage of them go unnoticed or never even acknowledged.

The husband who goes to work every day shows his love for his wife and family.

The wife who always makes sure that when the coffee pot is empty, it’s already set up with water and coffee to brew a new pot with the push of a button.

The dog who waits excitedly for you to come home, tail wagging and an adoring expression on its face when you come through the door.

The cat who sits on your lap, purring contently with half-closed eyes knowing they are safe with you.

A husband who always tells his wife she’s beautiful after she’s had a long day with the kids.

The husband who helps bring in the groceries when his wife comes home from the store.

The wife who encourages her husband to spend time with his friends, doing things they enjoy doing.

A good friend who calls when they haven’t heard from you in a while, just to make sure you’re doing okay.

The son who makes a point of spending time with an aging father, talking about the good old days over lunch.

The daughter who visits her mother in another town or state for Mother’s Day knowing that the good memories created will give her mother comfort in the future.

The daughter of a deceased wife who checks in on her mom’s husband even though he’s not her father.

A brother who calls his sister just to check in and talk about the weather, movies or the good times they had growing up.

An old friend who runs interference with a needy adult daughter whose mother is dealing with lung cancer and needs some peace and space in her life.

A male friend who comes over and does all the things the husband used to do before he got sick and can no longer do them.

A person who volunteers at a dog or cat shelter, or any kind of animal rescue, doing whatever needs to be done around the shelter.

A person who tells their good friend who is experiencing relationship difficulties that they are there for them any day, any time.    

The person who helps an injured animal or releases an animal who is stuck in a wire fence.

The person who brings food to friends dealing with a death in the family or the birth of a new baby.

These are just a few ways to show love and to say, “I love you” without saying a thing.

Please share with me the Silent Language of Love that you see in your life.

Have a blessed, loving day!

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