Finding Balance in a Chaotic World

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It’s difficult to stay in balance in a world where chaos creates unsettled energy that beats against us like waves at the beach. At the beach, we can choose to remove ourselves from the ocean, yet we cannot remove ourselves from our lives. How can we function effectively? How can we move through our lives with stability and peace of mind when the gales of negativity surround us, threatening to throw us to the ground?

Inner peace comes from being peaceful within ourselves. This is the challenge we face when we allow external difficulties to create internal chaos in our minds and hearts. It is a choice we can make to improve how we deal with chaos when it invades our minds leaving us with little peace of mind.

Peace of mind, that elusive ‘thing’ we all seem to want yet few know how to achieve it. We can choose what we focus on in the external world. We can choose not to watch the news on TV or internet. We can choose to seek out what we want to see and not what the media wants us to see.

Actively search for the good in the world. There are many acts of kindness, acts of goodwill and many happy people beyond the information the media uses to spread fear. The media wants us to be in fear, to believe that everything is outside of our control, that we are helpless to make meaningful changes in our world.

Take time away from the media’s distracting stories. Walk in natural areas where life is quiet, with no sounds of civilization or angry people. Listen to the songs of birds, the breeze rustling the leaves on the trees, watch for signs that contribute to your enjoyment in the moment. Relax and know that the area in which you are visiting,  that all beings that live there are acting in accordance with divine grace and intelligence.  

When you have reached a state of inner calm, really internalize that feeling. Get comfortable with it, get to know how good it feels. Realize that you, too, can begin to live within the bounds of divine grace. Set an intention to seek peace and calm integration of how life is when lived under the divine guidance.

Each of us has the ability to tap into and be open to the divine showing us that a good life exists under the guidance of divine intelligence. None of us is so far removed from our creator that we cannot find the guidance we need. All we have to do is to ask for what we want. If our intentions are good, if we truly are willing to change what we focus on, we will be guided through the love that resides in our hearts.

In its purest sense, love never changes. It is always love. It never morphs into something else. Love is eternal, unchanging and always available to us. It requires an open heart, a mind that is focused on kindness and actions that come from love. Choose to make better choices and your life will improve. It is that simple to begin with as you create new connections with peace, balance and harmony.

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