Mermaid Messages Oracle 9/9/2023

This is the moment to trust your inner knowing. The stage of doubting is over, and it’s time to believe in yourself.

This mermaid has the look of inner knowing and she’s swimming into your reading today to affirm that you have access to this inner knowing, too. It’s about believing in yourself and trusting your intuition, which is a powerful tool in life. When you believe in this inner knowing you’ll see stagnant areas of your life begin to flow again, as you trust your ability to ‘know’ things.

Are you always doubting your intuition? Perhaps you’re in doubt about something that deep down you ‘know’ to be true? Allow yourself the freedom to trust this innate instinct, also know as your ‘gut feeling’.

Acting on your inner knowing is the correct course of action. Sometimes it might not make sense on a rational level, yet deep inside, at the core of your being, you ‘know’ that you’re correct. This isn’t arrogance, it’s having confidence in your ability to trust in yourself.

When this appears in a reading, it means that you already ‘know’ what to do. Perhaps you feel fear or trepidation to act on this instinct? The more you learn to trust this aspect of yourself, the easier following your inner guidance will become.

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Phone a friend! Find someone on your own wavelength to spend time with. Being with like-minded friends is the tonic you need right now.

Friendship is calling to you. These mermaids are urging you to pick up your phone right now and call a friend. You might just need some company to share a cup of tea or coffee, or a meal with, or better still, a walk along the beach in sight of mermaids. The message here is that quality company and true friendship would be good for you at this time.

Do you have a friend whom you’ve been meaning to contact? An old school friend perhaps? If yes, this card is a gentle nudge for you to reach out to them. Friendship can keep us going when times are tough as well as when times are wonderful, sharing the good times and bad, when we’re happy or sad. Friendships can lift us out of dark places and are like precious jewels in the crown of life.

Remember to check on that ‘strong’ friend. Sometimes it’s hardest for them to reveal their vulnerability because there are a lot of expectations placed upon them. So, reach out now to see how they are.

Are you being called to offer the hand of friendship to someone? Don’t wait to be asked, it might be up to you to make the first move. Remember that strangers can be friends you haven’t met yet. When you’re in alignment with your destiny, notice the people who come into your path. It’s your vibration that attracts the type of friends you need at various stages of your life, so be receptive to meeting new people because beautiful friendships can be born from chance meetings.

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Look honestly at your situation. Are you becoming entangled without realizing it? You have the power to break free from a disempowering situation. Say NO!

Are you out of your depth? Perhaps you’ve become entangled in a difficult situation and feel there’s no way out. Know there’s a way to break free from any situation, all it takes is a positive mind-set with a sprinkling of hope!

You could be entangled in work or relationship commitments. This mermaid wants you to know it’s okay to say no sometimes! Always ‘tune in’ before agreeing to anything. Make sure it’s the right thing for you and don’t feel pressured to do anything you instinctively know isn’t right for you. Otherwise, you can become entangled in situations not of your choosing.

This message also says it’s the right time to break free from any psychic cords that are restricting you spiritually or physically. You can do this by asking Archangel Michael to come in and gently remove any cords, then calling in Archangel Raphael to fill those places with gentle healing light. When we cut cords, we’re not removing the person or circumstances that put them there. We’re simply breaking free from any cords or entanglements that aren’t serving our highest good. By doing this we’re creating a clean spiritual slate with which we can begin new, healthier and mutually beneficial connections.

Someone around you might be entangled in a situation and need your intervention. Only help them if it feels safe to do so. Your involvement might be to inform a professional organization that can assist. You might be just the person to set the wheels in motion.

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