Lightworker Oracle 9/7/2023

Divine feminine wisdom empowers you to grow into your vision, your dreams and the fulfillment of your life purpose. Perhaps you envision a very different life for yourself to what you are experiencing now. This wisdom reminds you that you can experience even the most extraordinary dreams as a reality if you are willing to grow into what you desire, to become what you seek. Surrender any plans about how you can best manifest your dreams and, instead, allow life to guide and nourish you through your experiences each day. The Universe supports your divine destiny and is helping you become all you are meant to be.

When the wisdom of the Divine Feminine reaches for you, the message is clear: You are in the process of becoming more of heaven on earth. Sometimes, there are growing pains alongside the joy such growth brings. You may feel concerned, thinking your pain is an indication that you are failing in some way. You may judge your suffering as a sign that you are not operating at a ‘high enough’ frequency.

This oracle brings a message about how much the Divine Feminine loves you and wants to help you grow with the least struggle and the most peace. If you don’t listen to her, instead choosing to believe in fear, you may be terrified of your growing pains. You won’t be sure if they will ever end. You may doubt your ability to turn adversity into triumph. You may lose faith, instead of trusting that life has your best interests at heart and that you are capable of meeting any challenge that arises. Instead of trusting, you may believe the world isn’t safe. This can keep you paralyzed in self-defeating, self-harming patterns. While these may give you a temporary, familiar satisfaction, ultimately, these patterns mean you will continue to struggle and suffer under the weight of addiction or emotional pain. You deserve so much better than that.

Invocation: I call upon the wisdom of the Divine Feminine, and I ask for the blessings of nurturing, development, evolution and growth into the best and most beautiful destiny for me. Through her loving grace, I am guided, protected and assisted to become all that I can be. With gratitude and trust in the flow of my life, I relax and take the journey. As I do so, I help to bring calm and consciousness to the world for the greater good. So be it.

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Love exists throughout our Universe. Many loving beings that do not belong to the human race exist in worlds beyond the earthly realm. Among these are those who are aware of the spiritual plight of humanity and are willing and able to help us move forward. Unlike those who close their minds because they fear the unknown, you have an open mind and an open, receptive heart. Beings from other worlds recognize you as a receptive channel for their unconditionally loving assistance in this world. You will both benefit from this individually and help the planet – so you are being offered an invitation to connect.

There are many dimensions to existence. For those who are developing evolved sensory perception, the senses will not be restricted to being impressed upon by the physical dimension. There are higher dimensions that the psyche or emotional nature can recognize. Beyond that, there are dimensions that the mind, even in its most expansive state, cannot grasp, but the spirit knows to be real. The more your sensitivity to subtle energy evolves, the more aware you become of these worlds beyond this world. For some, this will be easy to accept and will inspire interest in learning more. Others may be more tentative about exploring connections with non-earthly beings.

Great peace can grow in the heart of those who are unafraid, who are open to the idea of beings that are aware of humanity, but not human themselves who want to help humanity evolve and have the spiritual power to do so. No matter how mixed up and consumed by darkness the world may seem at times, there are so many powers of light working to see the earth and humanity through this most interesting time, to see us into the new age of spiritual enlightenment. It is all part of this divine experiment of life – and there are many forces invested in the successful and loving evolution of humanity.

Of course, there are forces in the broader Universe, just as there are forces in the natural world here on Earth that would not be so helpful to the triumph of love on this planet. Therefore, we must issue our invitation to the forces of light with a peaceful heart and a wise mind. The invocation below has been carefully crafted to attain that purpose. You are asked to use it whenever you feel the need to do so, knowing that you are part of a bridge between humanity and other loving worlds that want to assist life on Earth. They thank you now and offer their blessings to you and to life on Earth, in all ways possible.

Invocation: As a member of the human race, through my own free will and for the greatest good, I call upon all beings that resonate with the quality of unconditional love and wish to assist humanity and Earth to evolve on the path of divine love. I ask for the unconditionally loving ascended master that serve Christ consciousness to be the gateway through which permission is confirmed for these being to enter Earth’s field and assist humanity according to divine will, grace and love. May all beings be happy and free. So be it.

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An empowering energy seeks expression from within. It wishes to free you from confusion, paralysis and stagnancy. It seeks to stir you into consciously chosen action, greater discipline and focus. It’s time now to end the frustration of repeating old patterns. You are ready to break through into a new way of life! Feel inspired, be energized and focus on your dreams and desires. Take steps to manifest them on the physical plane. Believe your success is inevitable.

The Divine Masculine in you knows when to accept and when to say no to a belief, fear, habit, person or situation. This divine masculine energy exists within all men and women. It rallies the spirit and responds in times when you may feel drained, taken advantage of, or overwhelmed by too many choices and demands. It cuts through the confusion that comes with choices and demands. It refuses to be distracted and keeps you from being dissuaded from your life purpose.

The Divine Masculine is growing within you, now. It is the spiritual light that reveals the truth without filters or veils. Let this energy clear distractions, demands and drama from your life. Let it help you discern what is best for you and give you the courage to act on it. Let it help you sort out what is true from what is illusion. Let it help you dedicate your time and energy to what has most meaning for you. It will empower you to claim success in what matters most to you.

Do not minimize your inner Divine Masculine, whether you be man or woman. Nourish it. However, if your masculine energy has been trapped in the wounds of your ancestors, he may demand absolute perfection before you believe you are worthy of love. He may even be violent towards you, perhaps keeping you from saying no to violent relationships or self-harming (through over-exercising, denying your body good nutrition or rest – or by ignoring your feelings, vulnerabilities and intuitive wisdom). He may need healing from your inner Divine Feminine to feel loved, valuable, worthy, needed and respected.

Invocation: I call upon the unconditionally loving Divine Masculine within me. I respect, honor and need you. I release past pain in how we related to each other. We are blessed with divine love and healing, now. Help me to have the courage and self-belief to live my truths and be open about who I am. I honor your strength and power within me. I know that for every dream the Divine has placed in my heart, so too has equal measure of confidence, intelligence, strength and capacity been placed in my soul. I choose to have the courage of my convictions and to journey within to find whatever I need to bring my light fully to the world. May all beings be supported in overcoming pain relating the masculine principle. May all being restore, heal, love and respect him and his divine purpose in the spiritual evolution of humanity. Through my own free will, I invite unconditional love to assist with this process for all beings. So be it!

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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