Magic of Unicorns Oracle 9/6/2023

Align with your essence. See your true colors.

Unicorns are so pure that they can align with your soul, heal it and raise its frequency. Your soul has to be at least seventh-dimensional before you are allowed to incarnate on Earth and may be of an even higher frequency. Over aeons, you have had many experiences. Some of these have bruised you at the deepest levels and you are waiting to be soothed and healed. Others have lit up and expanded your entire essence.

You aren’t just balancing your own soul’s lessons now. In these special times, as we prepare for the new Golden Age, you are harmonizing and clearing any family as well as ancestral karma recorded in your Soul Star chakra. In addition, you may be one of the brave and gracious lightworkers who is undertaking country as well as world karma. This is a great soul offering and your wondrous unicorn will assist you in transmuting it all.

Your guidance now is to ask your unicorn to work with you both in and out of your conscious awareness to heal all that needs to be released and purified.

Your eyes are the windows of your soul, so look into your unicorn’s eyes and ask it to reflect back to you your true soul colors. You may be aware of blue, gold, pink, violet or any other hue. Seeing who you are enables your celestial companion to bring your core spirit forward to accomplish all the healing that your magnificent soul has undertaken in this lifetime.

Heal your soul: Relax and contemplate the vastness and wonder of your soul. Call your unicorn and feel its presence. Ask it to reflect your magnificence to you. Look directly into its eyes. Sense or see the true colors of your soul reflected. Let the healing flow in.

Affirmation: ‘My soul is beautiful and perfect.’

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Explore your treasure chest. Accept who you truly are.

You have been on a long soul journey through many lives on other planets and in different universes. During these experiences, your soul has gathered wisdom, knowledge, skills and gifts. These may include oratory, creativity, healing, the ability to deal with people, an understanding of crystals, herbs, sacred geometry, music or mathematics, the ability to communicate with different species or many other talents. There is a vast range of possibilities. Now your unicorn is suggesting that you examine all that you are good at and give yourself credit for everything you have already developed. These skills are your treasures.

The higher qualities you have accumulated are also valuable. These may range from charisma, self-discipline, kindness, integrity and happiness to humility, inner peace and much more.

This card suggest that you are not fully utilizing your assets at the moment and may have some that you have not yet accessed. It is time to recognize your worth and learn who you truly are.

Your unicorn guidance is to look honestly and without undue modesty at your accomplishments and aptitudes. Accept your magnificent self. When you do this, you can expect gifts, qualities and even new aspects that have been hidden until now to come forward to assist you on your journey.

Remember that you are an awesome divine being, wonderful beyond your imaginings.

Explore your talents: Take a deep breath and relax. Be aware of a treasure chest. Notice how big it is. Is it open, closed or locked? If it is locked, your unicorn is holding the key, so unlock it and look inside. A compartment has not yet been opened. How big is this? Open it. Ask your unicorn to shine its light into it. Remember that each time you do this, more of your inner gifts will be revealed.

Affirmation: ‘I am a magnificent being.’

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Look for the common humanity. Invoke Lemurian light.

This card is a reminder that we are all part of the divine. In essence we are one huge entity. Source is an ocean of love and we are all droplets of it. Each droplet, even when it is on a journey of individual experiences, remains part of the ocean and seeks ways to return to it.

When this card appears, your unicorn guidance is to look for the common humanity in everyone. Our breath is our connection to Source and all humans and animals breathe. Our hearts all beat. We are all born vulnerable. We all look for love and happiness. Whether rich or poor, boss or worker, healthy or sick, we are all Source energy seeking to learn. Whatever religion, race or culture we are experiencing, we are all droplets on our way back to the ocean of love. Hold this in your heart and be compassionate to all. Seek the divine thread that connects us all.

Reach out to someone today. A smile, a word, any form of connection with a stranger strengthens the bonds. When you have linked with unicorns and they are working through you, the energy of love is even stronger. This accelerates your own journey back to Source.

Lemurians were a high-frequency force that spread love, light and healing wherever it was needed. They worked closely with unicorns and absolutely understood Oneness. Ask Lemurian and unicorn energy to touch your heart with Oneness and see humans worldwide holding hands.

Experience Oneness: Sit or stand in a public place. Ask your unicorn to touch your heart. Feel this special love in your heart. Send a ray of it out to a stranger. Mentally say, ‘We are One.’ See everyone connected in a cosmic web of love.

Affirmation: ‘I am One with everyone.’

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