Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 8/24/2023

Sulis Minerva is the Celtic and Roman sun goddess associated with the City of Bath, known in Roman times as Aquae Sulis, which means “Sulis’ waters”. She is a powerful goddess of truth, fairness and justice. Curse tablets with petitions for justice were placed in her temple, calling for punishment against wrongdoers until they corrected their ways.

Justice and fairness are available to help with the imbalance of energy brought about by old wounds. Be mindful of how you move around in the world as karma will work on your behalf. Seek the best outcomes and highest good for all involved. Do not remain silent; speak up with sincerity for yourself and for those who do not have a voice.

Focus on taking care of your wellbeing, both emotional and physical. You have the power and ability to heal yourself and others and it begins with the choices you make, starting now. Commit to the changes you need to make to live a life which brings you ease and joy.

Call on Sulis Minerva: When you need healing; when you have been wronged; for fulfilment of wishes, especially for justice against wrongdoing; for courage to speak your truth; to help in the healing of others.

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Bastet, the Egyptian cat goddess, has been known as Bast and also Ubastat. She was once associated with the sun and the lioness, but over the years became the cat goddess as well as the moon goddess. As the favorite daughter of the sun god Rah, she possesses the utchat, the all-seeing Eye of Horus.

Know when to seek action and when to be still. Know when to give and when to receive. Release your need for complete control or perfection. Become an observer in situations and walk the middle path. Stay safe from harm by avoiding dangerous situations. Be cautious as you move around risk situations, including those involving investments or relationships.

Celebrate your sensuality, whether you are single or with a partner. Remember, sensuality is a part of you in everything you do. It is not only about how sexy you feel but about appreciating everything that pleases your senses. Create moments in your day that bring you great delight and satisfaction.

Call on Bastet: To clear away fear and restore positive energy; when you protection, or your loved ones do; when your wellbeing is threatened by negative or abusive behavior and you need clarity, courage, and strength to lead you to a more joyful path; when you need help in tapping into the full spectrum of sensual delights.

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Divine Mother Lalita, the beloved Hindu goddess, represents play, bliss, and love that is pure. She sets order to all creation and organizes karmic energies. Lalita trusted Destiny to make the final choice about whom she would marry. She tossed a garland of flowers into the air, and it landed on Lord Shiva. However, she consented to marry him only if she could remain independent.

Don’t compare yourself to the success and achievements of others. Awaken your Goddess-given talents and tap into that dream you have deep inside. Satisfy your passion for doing whatever calls and make you excited and joyful at the thought of it. Everything will come together if you do not compromise what you truly aspire to.

Review the path you are on. Are you feeling stuck, complacent, or afraid to follow your highest excitement? Are you afraid you will fail or be criticized if you change direction? Remember, if you honor your authentic truth and do what brings you joy, you will excel at everything you do. Live in a way that amplifies the vibration within you, those around you, and the planet.

Call on Lalita: When you need help to reach your highest potential; to help you stay true to your inner voice; for help in realigning with pleasure as part of your divine birthright.

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