Lightworker Oracle 8/21/2023

In preparation for radical growth, there can be temporary disorder and chaos. Whilst the mind may worry that something is going wrong, the spirit knows that this is a way for the old to disassemble so the new can be formed. Although you may feel out of control during such times, you do not need to resist the process. There is no need to attempt to impose your own sense of order upon the greater plan. You do not need to seek solutions, for there is not problem here in need of solving. What has been cleared away in preparation for the chapter in your life. Have faith. All is well.

Do not fear. You may see the life you have known appears to be ending. You may find that the things you used to do or the way you used to think no longer seem as relevant as they once were. You may feel your relationships and friendships are changing. Some may even be ending. Perhaps you find you no longer have the energy or motivation to keep certain relationships going in your life.

However, your energy is meant to be withdrawing from what it once supported. This is not an abandonment or betrayal. It is not selfish. It is honest. When you trust in your spiritual growth, all that happens is love. That means that even an apparent loss always serves love, whether that is immediately obvious or not. It is sometimes necessary for both parties to become free to live their true destiny.

Life is a loving, creative journey for your soul. That means there will be times when the very thing you have worked towards needs to crumble, so that the next evolution of your soul manifestation upon the earth can take place. It is natural, and although it can be challenging to trust in a greater creative process during times when it seems as though there is only chaos and confusion, you are strong enough spiritually to do so. To feel peace during such times, you must trust in your own inner knowing, over what appears to be.

You are divinely scheduled to evolve at this point in your life. Can you sense an exciting growth phase happening for you? There is another way for you to live, to be, to thrive and love in this world, and you are rapidly heading towards it. This is a time to surrender control and allow a higher power to direct your course. Many exciting new opportunities, situations and connections will come into your life as a result of what you are experiencing now. It is all part of a greater divine intelligence unfolding in loving service to your own sacred life path.

Have faith and stay true to your spiritual principles. Trust in an unfolding higher plan. Know that all changes in your life serve your higher good. The Universe knows what you need and is in the process of delivering it to you now. All is happening for a greater purpose. You can flow with the changes in loving trust. Your perfect time for resurrection will follow this deconstruction, and it will occur in the perfect way.

Invocation: I call upon the loving genius of divine order that is manifesting itself in my life now. I have gratitude for the grace, compassion, truth, and liberation that is expressing itself through the changes now happening, or soon to happen, in my life. Thank you for always guiding me onto my truest and most joyful path. I ask, through unconditional love, for assistance, insight and support to help me trust in the plan of love unfolding in my life. I ask for this same gift for all living beings. Through divine grace and my own free will, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

When the gift of the Seventh Ray enters your life, something new is being formed, something that will benefit your world. There may be an increased interest in magic, ceremony and ritual for healing purposes. Resonating with high frequency violet light and the Archangel Zadkiel, the Seventh Ray also helps transmute energy from lower to higher frequency. It is a spiritual cleansing agent that allows the truth of spiritual freedom, empowerment and choice to be seen and felt, restoring hope and joy to the heart.

The Seventh Ray is very active upon the earth at this time. All of humanity is being affected by it. The Seventh Ray is the push-pull between the old and the new – the life that has been and can no longer continue in that form, and the new life that wants to evolve from the old. It honors traditions and ancestral wisdom that serve new life. When the Seventh Ray enters your life, you are asked to balance your attachment to what has been with an openness to the new. It is a time to fearlessly question what has been, honor what continues to hold value for you and dismiss what no longer serves you.

The Seventh Ray also creates form from invisible, intangible spiritual energy. These are the inspired solutions and synchronicities that seem to come out of nowhere. They are signs of the divine order happening. The Seventh Ray brings an alignment with that divine order, and the more you are willing to invoke and allow that energy to bless you, the more your life will align with the genius of creativity, solutions and loving opportunities the Universe wants to bring to your world.

The gifts of ritual, order and ceremony are ways to attract this energy. Conscious ceremony, done in service to unconditional divine love, feeds a need for sacred embodiment. It is the hunger within the soul that many seek to feed through religion – and others through the less conscious rituals of addiction, Ritual can be something that keeps you stuck, or opens you to the sacred.

Choosing a spiritual practice to engage in on a regular basis – creating your own spiritual system – will help you call the genius of Seventh Ray energy into your life. Your spiritual practice might be a daily prayer followed by a short, conscious dance or yoga session, a meditation, a walk in nature, or some combination of these. Find what works for you. Do that regularly. Make it a priority. You can invite Spirit into your life through a simple and ordered system that you can do on a regular basis – even if only for five or ten minutes. Then the new life, the new you, the order that brings an expansive idea to life in the world can happen.

The challenge with the Seventh Ray is to not become obsessed with the future, with the new, to the extent that you forget about the valuable aspects of what already is. It is about developing what has value, not rejecting outright anything from the past. The past can teach us wisdom and help us create a more loving future if we allow ourselves to balance our passion for the future with a respect for what has been.

The gift of the Seventh Ray is the ability to live as an embodied, divine presence. For humans who don’t trust or even recognize the love of the Divine in their hearts as yet, those who do are great supporters. The Seventh Ray empower us to use loving ritual to invite divine presence to fill us and our lives. It also teaches us how to use our consciousness to clean up our own energy field and the energy field of the world around us, so the Divine can show its face more clearly. The comfort of this can help free all beings from anguish and suffering.

Invocation: I know accept, of my own free will, the blessing and grace of the Seventh Ray of Ritual, Order and Ceremony and the assistance of the unconditionally loving masters on this ray, The Violet Flame of St. Germain and Archangel Zadkiel. I open to the magic of creativity, divine genius and the ability to translate spiritual concepts into real world experiences for the greatest good. May I discover and use my innate power for conscious and loving ritual and ceremony to enrich and invite spiritual presence into the world. May all beings feel safe and consciously held in a loving divine order, according to the great plan of love. Through my own free will, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Self-doubt can be a habit that is hard to break. It can slow down your spiritual progress and the fulfilment of your life purpose. Ultimately, it won’t stop you, but it can make you progress seem more challenging. It’s easier to fulfil your purpose when you acknowledge your own goodness and talent and do what you love to the best of your ability. Realize that you are enough, that you work is good and that you have something of value to offer. It is time to let go of fear of failure and concern about your ability and your right to live a happy and fulfilled life of success. The Universe believes in you.

You are being called to service beyond that which you have accomplished thus far. That is because you are ready, capable and willing to step up to another level of spiritual responsibility and freedom. Your mind, however, may question your ability. You may be afraid that you cannot perform well enough, that you are not skilled or experienced enough, that you are not as good as others or that you do not have enough value to offer. These are nothing more than wounded beliefs about your self-worth. It is time to recognize this wounding and now empower these beliefs as truths anymore. Be kind to your mind. It will be happier without such beliefs. You can free yourself from the pain they cause and become more realistic about your gifts and your potential. Now it is time for you to trust love more than your wounds.

As you release these old beliefs, you create more space within you to receive impressions of how you can most joyfully serve the greater good. No longer hampered by undermining and draining beliefs in self-doubt, you will have more energy to act on your intuition and guidance.

If at any time you find yourself blocked by fear or performance anxiety, it can be helpful to release these blocks by simply asking yourself how you could best serve the greater good at this time. The answer to this question will never be to shrink back in fear! It will always be to choose belief over doubt. It will be to move ahead. To take the opportunity offered to you as a vote of confidence from the Universe. This realization will bring you peace of mind so you can resume your progress and share what you have with the world.

If you have been working hard, taking the opportunities that have come to you and are still feeling as though you are not quite where you wish to be in terms of fulfilling your life purpose and divine destiny, you are now asked to acknowledge all that you have attained so far. Acknowledge all the people you have assisted in your own special way, all the positive influence of love that you have added to the collective human soul through your willing ness to take your spiritual journey, open your heart and care about life on Earth. Your spiritual service has been noticed by the spiritual worlds, and you will be empowered to serve in increasingly beautiful ways. Your service is already successful and will only increase in potency, power and peace.

Invocation: Universe, I love you. How can I serve you? I accept love’s protection and love’s purpose in my heart, in my life. Love empowers and protects me, give me purpose and passion, peace and play. I believe in love. I am love and I believe in me! May the joy of helping others give me energy and courage to continue to serve and grow spiritually. May all beings receive your love and be healed through your grace. May all those who want to serve be empowered through mercy, compassion, joy and love to do so for the greatest good. Through my own free will, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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