Beyond Lemuria Oracle

Growth, overcoming challenges, gracefully riding the waves of life, expanding out of a problem, flourishing in the face of change, thriving in new environments, being unperturbed.

Look for ways you can flourish in the face of challenge. Tap into your original passion and remember why you chose the path that brought you to where you are now. Break the problem down to its elements and be creative in how you tackle them. Consider how you can make it more fun and inspiring. Alternatively, be present and ask how you can learn, grow and become stronger through what is happening for you.

Focus on the aspects of your situation that makes it all worth it. Draw on the inner resources that can pull you through. You have the qualities you need to shine, so don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. You may be pushed to greater and deeper learnings, and it might be an uncomfortable process, but the strength, growth and wisdom that come from journeying through the eye of the storm and embodying this knowledge is something no teacher can show you.

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Visionaries, architects of the future, information from other realms, bridging the seen with the unseen, inspiration, seeding a new Earth, traversing different states of consciousness, birthing ideas from subtle reality, journeying.

Have you ever felt that there is more than meets the eye in the perception we call reality? That there is more going on behind the scenes? Do you ever glimpse beyond your physical senses and wonder if what they perceive is just the tip of the iceberg? Do you ever get visions or insights just as you are falling off to sleep? Do you dream in colors that are more vibrant than you have experienced in waking life?

You are the pioneer of your life. The way forward may be in your dreams or visions. You might find it useful to do automatic writing or intuitive drawing to capture some of the more lucid information. Be creative, and don’t take on the opinions of others. It’s time to think and do things a whole other way. After all, as the saying goes, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

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Your superpowers, a sense of purpose, the meaning behind your quirks, exploring your interests, ‘shortcomings’ as unique undiscovered skills.

We all have gifts and talents to bring to the world. If we all did what we truly excelled in and enjoyed, our talents and abilities would enable our communities and our planet to thrive. What would the world be like if each person contributed from a place of overflowing enjoyment, without obligation? Where would we be if the jigsaw pieces came together for a diverse and complementary reality, free from prejudice or competition?

Some of us have already discovered – or remembered – what we feel we are here to do. Others are still seeking or just starting to consider this idea. Your inspiration may come as a message in a vision or dream. It may be something others have recognized in you for a long time. It may come from a deep resonance with something you are yet to try. You may be concerned it will affect – or transform – your current lifestyle. Your gift, or purpose, may be something you enjoyed immensely as a child but did not bring into your adult life. Perhaps there is an array of ‘shoulds’ holding you from what you love doing.

What makes you unique? Any quirks that you feel are shortcomings could be the key to your superpowers. Look for the positive sides of your oddities and traits. How would you like to spend more time? Are there things you would like to try or feel a pull to explore? Now is the time to follow these whispers. You never know how transformational they may be.

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Published by divinewarrioress

“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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