Cosmic Dancer Oracle 8/10/2023

When knowledge, wisdom and experience are repeatedly passed down from one soul to another, they unite in a living stream of energy that transcends time and space. When we receive such energy from our ancestors, teacher, or predecessors, it’s known in Sanskrit as guru shishya parampara – an unbroken chain.

It is time for you to access this sacred stream of energy by connecting with your lineage. Once you do this, you will realize that you have never actually been an “I” – you are a vital part of a powerful and transcendent “we”.

Look deeply at the ways your predecessors may be able to support you with your inquiry. They want to do so and are merely awaiting your attention and request. For Example, if you’re asking about a partnership, perhaps the spirit of a deceased grandparent would like to help you harmonize your relationship patterns. Or, if you’re embarking on a new course of study, you might consider learning about the teachers of your teacher, and even the teachers of those teachers, and the countless generations of teachers who came before. Where did they live? To what customs and traditions did they adhere? What expressions of wisdom did they impart?

Even if you were not raised by your birth family or are unclear about the origins of your discipline or practice, you can set the intention to connect with the vast body of wisdom and support that is a gift from the many helpful beings of the past that now dwell in the spirit realm. Connect with them regularly by calling on them and trusting your intuition, or connect with them more formally through prayer, ritual, or meditation. You might make an altar to honor the wisdom of your lineage, and tend to it regularly with things like candles, incense, and simple offerings of flowers and fruit.

Consciously connecting to your lineage provides deep roots and grounded stability. When you draw upon this ancient resource, you supercharge your soul purpose and divine life path. You have a council to turn to and codes by which to live. Connecting to them will lend clarity, guidance and direction.

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The Cosmic Dance is a never-ending spiral of endings and beginnings. Every ending is also a beginning. Consciously honoring the completion of something allows you to garner, assimilate, and integrate the gifts of the past as you simultaneously open yourself to the new.

Receiving this card indicates a cycle is ending or has recently ended. An experience, relationship, or project is coming to a close. Alternately, an old behavioral or psychological pattern is ready to be released. To establish closure, consciously work in the realm of energy, emotion, frequency, and vibration. This will ensure you are not weighed down by past events. Additionally, it will ground and dissipate any extra energy that you no longer need.

No matter what is ending or has ended in your life, feel appreciation and gratitude for everything it taught you, and for all the big and small blessings it brought you. If it’s something you’re ready to release, accept and embrace the experience and acknowledge the many lessons it brought. If it’s something that’s challenging to let go of, feel grateful for having had the experience.

The completion of a cycle is a perfect time for ritual. This ritual can be as simple or as detailed as you wish, as long as you set the intention to alchemically synthesize and metabolize all the many blessings the cycle brought about in your life. Once you do, lovingly let it all go. Breathe deeply and relax your mind, body and spirit. Surrender any details, outcomes, and attachments, to the Universe. You can do this with absolute trust when you remember the Universe will harmonize and calibrate all excess energy and bring all associated aspects and effects into divine and perfect order.

Put the past to rest. Let go and move forward with lightness and joyful expectation. Remember, endings are a natural and necessary part of life. They bring needed blessings and growth, and they always make way for beautiful new beginnings.

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The magnetic desire you feel is divine in nature. The energy of attraction – toward a path, person, hobby, place, practice, culture, or something else – is what propels and perpetuates your growth and expansion. This card asks you to pay close attention to what you are naturally drawn toward, and then to move fearlessly in that direction. The magnetism you feel (which may take the form of curiosity, interest, or excitement) is a cosmic message that something beautiful is awaiting your discovery.

Even if you don’t understand or can’t foresee where this compelling force of attraction is leading you, allow yourself to be driven by it and you will experience powerful alignment with your true purpose and path.

Is there a relationship, project, undertaking, or endeavor that your heart wants to invest in, but your mind tells you there’s some reason why you shouldn’t? For example, some people talk themselves out of going back to school by saying they’re ‘too old’, don’t pursue a dream because it’s ‘too risky’, or avoid yoga because they’re ‘not flexible’. If you can identify a storyline for yourself, it’s great news! It means you now have the ability to step out of self-sabotaging narrative so you can acknowledge your dream and bring it into form.

The benefits of following this magnetic inner guidance are immense. You will be moving with the current of your dreams, which will propel you toward your ideal life. You will also burst out of ruts and begin to transcend long-standing patterns of boredom, stagnation, anxiety, and depression.

Be assured that like attracts like. By honoring the magnetic force within you, you will activate and increase your magnetism. You will feel and be more dynamic and attractive, and all forms of positivity and blessings (such as wealth, romance, happiness and success) will naturally be drawn to you.

Your body’s messages will steer you toward your most significant life experiences. Drop into your body and check in with your dreams to notice where you feel the pull. Say yes to your enthusiasm and bless your life with indescribable joy.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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