Esoteric Buddhism of Japan 7/22/2023

Aides to Yakushi Nyorai and the commander of day and night.

Enjoy the fact that we all have different roles: Don’t be bound by your role. Be happy and make others happy. Harmony.

We’re here to offer support so that you can keep working smoothly. Every person has their role, and what’s important is having fun while fulfilling that role. Be it providing great service, creating art that bring peace of mind, working in transportation – no matter what your job is, this world turns smoothly when people are happy and feel satisfied with their work. The sun has the vital role of fostering all life on earth, the light of the moon provides humanity with peaceful slumber, and both jobs are equally important. Be proud of what it is that you do.

Nikko Bosatsu and Gakko Bosatsu stand on either side of the Yakushi Nyorai and are worshipped as the Yakushi Triad. Nikko Bosatsu is the bright light of the sun, shining a light upon humanity and taking away the darkness in our heart with his light. Gakko Bosatsu is the deep mercy of the moonlight and represents the fact that just as the crescent moon slowly become fuller and fuller, so does our wisdom become richer through the course of our spiritual journey. Nikko Bosatsu and Gakko Bosatsu are in charge of the day and the night, respectfuly, and they are gentle aides to Yakushi Nyorai.

Blessings: A warding against disasters, and against darkness.

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Protector of the east who brings stability.

Your community has momentum: You are protected and stable. Become better together. Idleness leads to decline.

You belong to a community that is protected and has powerful momentum. All the members of your community – family, friends, and coworkers – all have the will to fight to protect the community. But “fight” does not mean using the forces of arms or military power like the shoguns of old. It is not kicking down others and seeking only to benefit yourself. It is a positive fight which seeks to bring all parties to a higher place through friendly competition and healthy rivalry.

Jikokuten is one of the Four Heavenly Kings and a deity who protects the east. One of his messengers is a demon who devours the flesh and blood of humans, and other are creatures that are half-god, half-beast and eat incense and protect children. These beings are part of a musical troupe which plays beautiful music, and Jikokuten is their leader. In China, he is drawn holding a biwa lute, but in Japan, he is often depicted as a protector god brandishing a sword to intimidate his enemies. The name Jikoku that he protects national lands, in part by creating mountains and lakes.

Blessings: Protection and national stability.

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Recognizing and being guided by your individuality.

You are a flower in full bloom: Accept your set of values. You have the potential to become anything. Be grateful.

When you lose your purpose, think about things in terms of an all-encompassing cycle: the eternal cycle of life, which led to your existence from your parents to your ancestors and beyond. Your existence is nothing short of a miracle, a treasure for which there is no other. Your actions and thoughts are yours and your alone. They are something no one else possesses. There is no need to be like everyone else, and there is nothing wrong with living differently. Never hold back from being your true self.

Amida Nyorai is one of the Five Compassionate Buddhas charged with infinite wisdom to realize the individuality and potential of all living things and to maximize these traits to bring about salvation. The Amida Nyorai worshipped in Esoteric Buddhism is a seated figure on the Throne of the Peacock with hands in the Mida Samadhi Meditation Mudra, in a state of pure, unwavering focus. Not only does he wash away our sins, but he helps us with love and relationships as well.

Blessings: Washing away past transgressions, adoration.

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