Magic of Unicorns Oracle 7/21/2023

Find clarity. Surrender your ego.

Climbing the spiritual mountain is a sacred quest, so it is important to be very clear about your intention. Dedicate yourself to achieving your goal with integrity, honor, and kindness. Surrender your ego and make sure your motives are totally pure. When you let go of your desire to be right, your judgement of others or yourself, you open up to the beauty of the journey.

As we approach the new Golden Age, the opportunity for enlightenment and ascension is greater than it has ever been. The universe may place challenges and tests in front of you and you must pass them to reach the top of the mountain. However, your light is bright, so your unicorn is stepping forward to help you on your way. Ask it to guide you and impress you with the choices that will keep you firmly on your highest path. It will increase your desire to do what is for the greatest good and nudge you towards your true destiny. Keep your eyes firmly on your goal and you will succeed. When this card appears, unicorns are reminding you that you have everything you need within you.

When you set a pure intention, unicorns enable magic and miracles to happen.

Find clarity: Find a place where you can be undisturbed. Close your eyes and breathe in and out of your third eye. Invoke your unicorn and sense of see it in front of you. Tell it that you are ready to follow your spiritual path with integrity and joy. Feel your unicorn touching your forehead with its horn of light. Ask it to help you to be clear about your direction. Your unicorn place a ball of diamond-white light over you. Relax in it for as long as you can. Your unicorn is guiding you in the right direction for your soul purpose. Prepare to move forward.

Affirmation: ‘My unicorn lights up my path and I walk it with integrity.’

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Focus on your vision. Seek satisfaction and contentment.

This card indicates that you are ready to bring forward a soul desire, something that satisfies you at a deep level. It may be to express yourself through painting or creativity, to look after animals, to serve in some way, or to heal or help others. You may want to explore the world, race cars, climb a mountain, invent new technology or teach. It is not what you ask for but what it lights up inside you that is important.

Your unicorn is answering your call and helping to bring your vision to fruition. This is a card of opportunity, so explore what you truly want. Consider what would give you a sense of peace, adventure or joy. What would fulfil you? How do you feel inside when you think of it? Remember that anything is possible when you are clear and focused.

Let go of all thoughts of financial reward or how you might personally benefit from your soul desires, for when you manifest them, your feelings of joy and wonder will automatically draw abundance to you.

Ask for a celestial helper to take your vision to Source for a blessing. And remember that when you act as if something is already in place, you send out the energy to attract it.

Manifest your dreams: Take a moment to relax and center yourself. You may want to write down your soul dream. Call your unicorn and tell it clearly what you envision. Ask for a sign it has truly heard you – perhaps a nod, a feeling of alignment or a breath of air. Ride with your unicorn up through the dimensions. Pause when you sense the Seraphim singing round the Godhead. Your unicorn tells these illumined angels what you want. Wait as they take your vision to Source. Receive a shower of light and know that your mission is blessed. Return with your unicorn and thank it.

Affirmation: ‘I manifest my soul desires.’

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Merge with Light. Ignite keys and codes.

An Ascension Flame is an etheric fire containing specific keys and codes to accelerate your spiritual journey. There are many of them and each has been created by great beings of light to help humanity now. For example, Quan Yin, beings from Andromeda and Archangel Chamuel are some of those who have contributed to the Pink Ascension Flame of Love. When this is placed over you, it ignites the highest forms of love within your energy fields.

Here are some of the other Flames that are waiting to light you up:

The Emerald Flame of Healing

The Golden Flame of Christ Light

The Pale Green Flame of Nature

The Royal Blue Flame of Higher Communication

The Aquamarine Flame of Healing, which heals your soul with love, compassion and peace.

The Pale Yellow Flame of All Possibilities, which draws opportunities to you and gives you the wisdom to handle them with grace.

Serapis Bay’s White Ascension Flame, which holds all the great knowledge of the Golden Age of Atlantis and can help you to access the talents you had at that time.

When this card appears, consider which of the Ascension Flame you need and then invoke it. When you have received its energy, you may wish to choose another one. Ask your unicorn to enhance the energy of the Flames one hundred-fold.

Merge with an Ascension Flame: Decide which Ascension Flame you wish to experience. Ground yourself and open yourself up. Call in the Flame. Feel it coming down over you until you are inside it. Ask your unicorn to light it up. Sense the keys and codes in your aura being activated. Relax and breathe in the color and the energy. Thank your unicorn.

Affirmation: ‘I merge with (name your Flame).’

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