Angels of Abundance Oracle 7/19/2023

The Angels wanted to share some good news today!

This card encourages you to move forward with your inner guidance, even if you presently can’t foresee how it will all work out. When you take a chance with the guidance that you are receiving, your actions are saying that you trust God and the angels.

Placing our trust in the Divine makes good sense, since Heaven can see our actions from a 390-degree perspective that we often lack. God and the angels can see the repercussions of our actions echoing out into infinity, whereas we are lucky to be able to accurately predict the ripple effect through the next day.

Very few monumental and important tasks have been achieved by people who did not take some sort of risk. We know that it can be intimidating, but trust that you are being led toward a positive and abundant future. God and the angels are with you every step of the way, ensuring that you will only receive that which is for your highest good.

The Angels of Abundance are not encouraging you to take needless risks or to behave recklessly, however. Ensure that you are following your Divine guidance, not some ego-based desire. Greed, anger and lust are not the emotions of the angels, and they will never guide you with those feelings. True non-ego-based guidance comes in the form of love, inspiration, and giving. You can be assured that if you are receiving guidance that does not come from a place of deep and powerful love, it is not true guidance and you should not follow it. You can always ask God to help you to know if your guidance is true or not, and you will receive clear signs to answer you.

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This card is here to help you recognize and overcome a block to abundance – namely, worrying about “how” your prayers will be answered. Your worries are preventing you from opening yourself up to a flow of Divine support, slowing the manifestation of your desires.

Once you have expressed your prayers to God, trust that God will answer in the way that’s best for everyone involved. If you are supposed to take action to help, you’ll be clearly guided to do so by repetitive ideas, a gut feeling, or physical signs.

God is omniscient, meaning that every possible variable of a situation is known and can be accounted for. We humans do not have that ability, so when we assume that we know best, we are not always seeing the whole picture.

When we “let go and let God,” in contrast, we are signaling that our trust in in our Divine Creator. We believe that God will provide exactly what we need in order to fulfill our life purpose. We give permission to God to shower us with all those bountiful gifts that we can use to bring even greater blessings to the world.

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This card signals that your project will be successfully funded, and your hard work is being rewarded. When this card comes to you, it’s a sign that your idea is Divinely inspired, it will help many people once it is materialized into form, and the angels will be with you each step of the way.

In many cases, this card guides you to connect with a crowdfunding website to gain financial support, connections, and confidence to pursue your ideas and inventions. An Internet search for “crowdfunding” will lead you to various options. Many well-known and successful products were “born” on sites such as and, and yours can be too.

Take some time to read about other crowdfunding campaigns to familiarize yourself with the process. You’ll need to have the courage to post your pitch and then spread the word to others.

There’s also a message for you to be extra-organized with your paperwork during the funding process. Take your time before signing contract, and work with a trusted professional, such as an attorney or accountant, if you’re more of an artist than a businessperson.

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