Cosmic Dancer Oracle 7/8/2023

We are all dancers on the stage of life.

Before you dance a sacred dance, you must choose a space lovingly dedicated to your divine purpose. Similarly, whatever it is you wish to have or experience is waiting in the wings until you make a place in your life for it to flourish.

This card comes with a gentle reminder to create space in your life for the desires that are nearest and dearest to your heart. For example, if you yearn for a romantic relationship, have you made sure your home features places that are conducive to sharing life with a partner, such as a sensual bedroom or intimate dining area? If your goal is to become a professional dancer, do you have somewhere to practice, and have you scheduled time to dance? Make room for the Divine to co-create with you. Your entire spiritual support system yearns to fill those intentionally open spaces in your life with beautifully granted wishes and delightfully realized dreams.

Now is also time to create sacred space in your home. You can do this by clearing clutter, cleansing the energy with aromatherapy, incense or chimes, setting up an altar, or making design choices that encourage reflection and reverence every day. Ultimately, this includes anything that supports you in how you want to feel.

The Sanskrit word for the energy center at your heart is Anahata, which translates to ‘un-struck’ and relates to the element of air. If the manifest world is the sound of a drum, Anahata energy was there before there were drums or drummers to strike them. If the manifest world is a fire, Anahata energy existed before any two rocks had been struck together to create a spark. This still, silent, un-struck energy eternally abides within your heart chakra and is at the very core of who you are.

Shift your focus from objects to the space that surrounds and connects them, and you will activate the limitless potential of the invisible and unmanifested realm. Stop focusing on illusions of drama, limitations, and discordant conditions and instead place your attentions of the unchanging reality of infinite space. Look beyond the surface and see the underlying field of universal interconnectedness that create, nourishes, and sustains all things. This is divine presence and infinite intelligence, which is intimately who you are.

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Your aims will be best served by stepping back, going within, and taking some time to rest, refresh, and reassess. Although it may seem counterintuitive when there is much work to be done, and you are striving to reach a goal, you will get where you want to go more easily and enjoyably if your body, mind and spirit have a chance to relax deeply so that you may emerge refreshed.

Just as soil cannot be constantly cultivated if it is to bring forth a lush and abundant crop, we cannot drive ourselves relentlessly and expect to thrive. Consider also that dance of the moon, which regularly waxes, wanes, and disappears behind the veil before emerging again to bless the earth with her gorgeous, magical light.

Take a moment to relax deeply. Breathe in and out, noticing where you are holding tension in your body. Breathe into those areas and let them release. Once you feel centered and grounded, you will know what this card means for you.

In might be time for a vacation. Perhaps you will benefit from staying in and spending time with yourself rather than going out with your partner or friends. Or, it could be high time for a self-care endeavor, such as a warm bath, a massage, or a good night’s sleep. Even a few minutes of meditation, deep breathing or spending time in nature can make all the difference in the middle of a busy day. No matter how you choose to do it, be sure to calm your mind and let it be still before rushing straight back into the action.

Once you’ve given yourself sufficient rest in the sacred sanctuary of silent self-care, you will benefit from honestly assessing your schedule. Is there anything you’ve been doing out of guilt, habit, or obligation that detracts you from your ability to live the life you truly desire? Release any outmoded stories that keep you from vitally serving your soul.

Furthermore, rest will help you get clear on the situation you’re asking about. The answers are all there for you; they simply need a little quiet time so they can emerge.

It is natural to want to be the best you an be – the best dancer, lover, healer, artist, student, parent, etc. Acknowledge how much effort you are constantly putting toward your desire to excel and how this requires you to replenish and restore. Begin this very moment. Breathe deeply and let the striving melt away.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

True devotion means following the flow of love for love’s sake. Divine love is the purest, strongest, and most potent substance in the Universe. When you direct devotional love toward the Divine, infinite love comes right back at you, flooding your energy field and illuminating your heart.

When you look at the river that is your life experience, where does love surge, swirl, simmer, and overflow? Perhaps love gathers and radiates around your work, your art, your children, your family, or the natural world. The essence of the Divine is love, so where there is love in your heart, there lies the pathway to God/Goddess/All That Is.

Remember, devotion is the simple but profound act of letting go into the energy of love. Surrender and give yourself fully to love. Let it lift and carry your along like a fallen leaf in a clear rushing stream.

With immaculate care and attention, express love for the Divine. Just as you dote on your friends and family with tokens and demonstrations of your affection, freely express your passion for God/dess in any way that feels right to you. Meditation and mindfulness are simple acts of devotion that take little time. Creating an altar, lighting a candle, or engaging in any form of sacred art, are also acts of devotion. Everyday activities such as cooking, dancing, or walking in nature, can be acts of devotions when you do them with the spirit of offering up your efforts to the Divine.

Even your workday can be a demonstration of devotion. Simply set the intention at the beginning of each day to offer up your work to All That Is, and ask for more love and healing in the world.

When you consciously infuse your day with devotion, everything changes. It may seem like a small and subtle thing when you consider it merely involves an inner shift and silent intention, but you’ll discover that it is powerful beyond words. Your mood will shift, your mind will become luminous, and your days will consistently be filled with meaning and miracles. Additionally, the surface fluctuations of duality (pleasure/pain, joy/grief, etc.) will not upset your inner equilibrium, as you will be securely anchored in the ultimate unifier of unconditional love.

Love does not criticize, judge, or condemn. Love accepts and embraces all, exactly as it is. Choosing love is choosing freedom. Plunge into the endlessly replenishing waters of love, every day. When you open your heart fully and with wild vulnerability, radiant bliss will come rushing in.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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