Kali Oracle 7/5/2023

Her timing is fierce with compassionate wisdom. To love her is to honor her greater knowing. She demands the surrender of our futile attempts to control that which is beyond our sphere of understanding until that pain transforms into the sweet pleasure of release. Even the right thing cannot attain fruition at the wrong time. Trust her and be shown again and again that her divinely orchestrated workings of time serve you faithfully with love and grace.

There are cosmic cycles within which the personal cycles of our lives must align. There are karmic time frames that govern soul contracts and relationships, the timing of life circumstances and changes of fortune, and the opening up of pathways for us. Using our free will, we can enhance the flow of healing and do all we can to ready ourselves to step forward at the appropriate moment. Yet, it is the Divine Mother in her infinite wisdom and regenerative power that knows and enact the perfect transition at the best time. She orchestrates the shifting of individual and collective cycles to be in harmony with each other, so every being gains spiritual benefit through what unfolds. The oracle of Yugashakti confirms that you are going to experience considerable change. The timing of this unfoldment is significant. There are many factors at play. You will sense when the correct moment is upon you.

During this time globally, the light of spiritual knowledge is partially subsumed within the darkness of ignorance and confusion. Even those with the awareness to have positive intentions can become confused and place profit above integrity, attack brothers and sisters on the path, or lay claim to knowledge on false foundations. Even when our intentions are noble, in effect, our actions can create further suffering. Such conflict and confusion are signs that asuric, or ‘negative forces, have gained the upper hand. Kali Ma’ darkness and ferocity are required to redress the spiritual imbalance. We are in particular need of her most terrifying manifestations when we become confused as to what belongs to the highest sacred truth and what does not. Do not allow yourself to be convinced by another of anything. Lean on your heart connections to the Divine. Inner clarity and higher understanding will arise for you. You will see how to close the chapter on the past and move into a new cycle.

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Sacred severance is her radical grace. She is our soul’s power to shed and survive, to outgrow and evolve. When the soul needs to separate itself from that on which it once relied – be it a view of ourselves or the world, or a group or belief system that cannot supports the truths of the heart – she is the capacity, sovereignty and courage required for self-liberation. Systems of oppression within your mind and your world will be overcome. You have the power to sever your attachment to the past and focus on inner regeneration and reorientation, healing into a path that is worthy of your heart.

Chinnamasta is potent medicine for liberation. Her graphic iconography differentiates her from other forms of Kali that wear her favorite accouterments of severed heads and skull garlands. Chinnamasta’s severance is her own head. This represents self-liberation. We do not need to wait for another to intervene. She shows the way to save ourselves, to move from inner courage and inner wisdom. Her presence can indicate a time when you must trust yourself completely, without external support systems to rely on. The beliefs and constructs that once supported you will no longer be able to do so. Success cannot come from the tried and true paths of the past. You are evolving beyond that. It is time to rest in the void and allow for a new way to emerge.

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The Divine Mother manifests the cure for when we feel overwhelmed or confused, or when we feel we’re falling apart or locked into stagnation. She is the superior medicine. Even when we may not be sure what is needed to bring ourselves back into balance, she holds the answers. Tune into your heart, and there you will find her sacred prescription. Trust your inner guiding sense of what to do, or not do, next. Trust that a better order is being established.

Guna Tantrika is Kali as the medicine mother. She generates and regulates the three inherent qualities within all phenomena, including our body, mind and soul. These three qualities are known as the three gunas: sattva, rajas, and tamas. As sattva, Kali is the peaceful detachment and contentment in the moment. She is the fire of rajas, the energy for taking action and hustling for our sacred manifestation. When our actions rest upon a pure-hearted foundation, our activities can become enlightened, bringing spiritual benefit to all beings (even if we don’t always recognize the positive and far-reaching impact of our actions at the time).

When we need to slow down to heal, ground ourselves and regroup, Kali is tamas, the heaviness that allows energy to settle. This is the temporary inertia that stills the momentum and allows for deep restoration and renewal. The freedom to take rest helps us stay the course for however long is needed to manifest our destiny without becoming desperate, despairing or exhausted. In such rest, we reset, accessing the courage to drop our attachment to external support systems and even our own plans. We then become increasingly able to allow, rather that trying to direct and control the manifestation of her divine plan through us. As we call upon her, Kali strengthens these qualities within. Listen to your heart for her guidance – do you need to be peaceful, to take action, to let go and regroup? Your inner wisdom is her voice guiding you.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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