Esoteric Buddhism Oracle 7/3/2023

Put yourself in a difficult situation on purpose; a desire you really need; do not compromise; reach a place no one has ever reached before.

Sometimes choosing the more difficult path is just what you might need. Of course, it takes courage to put yourself in a challenging place. However, there are some things which you can only discover by walking the road less traveled. All around you are paths that are easy to take, and while others might choose paths that are level, there is not guarantee that there won’t be ups and downs along the way. If you approach your path with determination, then you will surely reach a destination worthy of the difficult journey it takes to get there.

About 1300 years ago, En-no-Gyoja spent 1000 days in the mountains in spiritual training. It is said that his prayers were answered in the form of Kongo Zao Gongen, a god of the mountains who represents mother nature. The three-pronged vajra in his right hand represents the Buddha Triad (Shakyamuni Buddha, Senju-Kannon and Miroku Bosatsu), who in turn represent the past, present, and future. Kongo Zao Gongen is the temporary form of the Triad who saves all of us across the Three Worlds.

Blessings: Safety and security for your family, being granted what you desire.

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What is it that you can do right now? Ask others for help; a time of spiritual training; other hidden possibilities.

All around you are those with an incredible amount of experience. Still a novice, it may be difficult for you to accomplish things on your own, but there is no need to panic: now is a wonderful time for you to learn and absorb a great many things. Be proactive and ask for the opinions of more experienced coworkers. They will surely be delighted and happy to help. However, be warned that too much naivety will lead to mistakes and failures.

Zennishi Doji is the child of Bishamonten ( also called Tamonten) and Kisshoten. He is rarely enshrined alone, but more often enshrined with his parents. While he is a child, Zennishi Doji is also the messenger of his father Bishamonten. His father holds a tower in his hand, protecting the Buddhist way, while Zennishi Doji holds a sutra box in both hands. He holds in his heart the same feelings as his father, and serves to help him. Appearing before those who believe, he tells their wishes to Bishamonten and blesses us with good fortune, working to relay messages between Bishamonten and humanity.

Blessings: Fortune, happiness and prosperity.

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Look for the cause of your troubles, both physical and psychological. You are protected; take time to relax; find medicine for your soul.

You are in a protected space. Take the time you need to heal without worry. If you feel like something is wrong, be it physically or spiritually, try and look for the cause. Pushing yourself to go about your daily life as if nothing is wrong will eventually lead to stress and strain. Seek the cause and the solution in the early stages. For illnesses that require physical medicine, see your doctor. However, keep in mind that it’s also important to fine your own kind of medicine for the soul to help you feel better spiritually.

The color of the sky just before daybreak is known as the lazuline (a deep and bright blue) light of Yakushi Nyorai: pure and crystal clear, it is a great luminosity which surpasses even the sun and the moon. It floods in all directions, illuminating every single thing, including the darkest of dark places. In his hand, he holds a medicine jar filled with twelve potions to cure all of our ills from the physical to the spiritual. Yakushi Nyorai also provides us with comfortable garments to wear. He is like a trusted family doctor, carefully watching over humanity each day.

Blessings: Health, a warding against anxiety.

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