Beyond Lemuria Oracle 7/2/2023

Wisdom from indigenous peoples, ancestors, holding the keys for the future, ancient remembering, bloodlines, how the past affects the future, a time to step up, timeless power symbols, activation for powerful shifts.

Right now, the legends of the Lemurian civilization feel important, as the wisdom from this ancient time is relevant. The fall of Lemuria alerts us to the possibility that humanity may face if we live without respect for the earth. An ancient remembering is emerging. Many of the seed crystals and the knowledge they are imbued with are becoming unearthed. All those who can see a better future are not just dreaming. Their hearts and minds are harkening to the core of earth-based traditions to bring through knowledge that will help shift this paradigm into balance.

It is said that the Lemurians who survived the fall, traveled the planet and ended up in the place where inspiring indigenous knowledge far outweighs what Western minds have come to prioritize. The Ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Inca, Tibetans, Maoris, Indigenous Australians and Hopi are examples. These ancient knowledge keepers of Earth and Aethers have been holding the key for a new world.

We are being called back to our roots to acknowledge the infinite wisdom available when we drop to our knees in humble receptivity. To move gracefully forward, we must first stand in our power for the places, ethics and conservation of what matters most.

When we heal ourselves, we often heal our ancestors, also. As illuminated beings ready to make a change in the collective consciousness, we can sometimes take on what seems like more than our fair share of karma. We may be clearing some of the wounds from our ancestors. With this in mind, we can ease through the waves. allowing guidance and empowered perspective to lead us to the greatest good.

This card is imbued with activations for a new paradigm. You are now being showered with blessings in preparation for a transformation. It may be turbulent at times, but you will grow and heal through the coming journey. Partake in activities that help you drop into a meditation state as often as possible. Use clearing tools to raise your vibration and don’t get caught up on the destination. Focus on the journey and experience. You can navigate a situation you have no experience with by being truly present. Integrity and intuition will be your guide.

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Gratitude, being thankful, receptivity, giving without expectation, worthiness and self-love can affect your capacity to receive and to give without depletion, overflow over obligation, thriving over surviving, gifting economies.

If there was a manual for optimal human experience, one of the most potent points would be gratitude. It is the backbone of all spiritual practice. Writing a list of the things you are grateful for has been scientifically proven to have a profound effect on the mind and nervous system.

When we shift our perspective from what we are lacking, needing and desiring, we temporarily replace the survival factor with the resonance for thriving. When we acknowledge the miracle of our existence and how far we’ve come despite the challenges, it can bring back our inner smile. Gratitude can enliven an attitude of ‘I’ve got this.’

One of the best tricks for bringing something into your life is to be already thankful for it – as if it has already arrived. This sets up the frequency of fullness and plenty, rather than emptiness and need. As we have mentioned before like attracts like, but there is a whole other power at play here as true gratitude is anchored in the heart. Being moved by the sheer awe of appreciation and thankfulness is hugely pivotal to the way others and our environment responds to us.

The next step is to give from our hearts without being asked or invited. When we emanate a field of new earth consciousness, giving can free us from expectation, just by knowing that we can all thrive together when everything flows as a system of gifting. (Burning Man Festival is a blueprint of this.)

Yes, others may take advantage, but if you drop the fear of this outcome, it is quite likely that those of this frequency will also fall away. Holding up a beacon of light this way creates incentive and inspiration to those around you. As their cup fills, it unlocks space within them for resources in other areas. Thus, this giving overflow has a domino affect from person to person.

Receptivity is a critical factor in the art of giving. Those who struggle to feel they have the resources to give may also have trouble receiving. Some do not feel worthy enough to receive – even from themselves. As mentioned, heart energy is key to gratitude and receptivity. Here, it brings us to self-love and how important it is for feeling ‘full enough’ so that our overflow doesn’t deplete.

When you allow yourself to receive from those in their heart’s joyous overflow and give from a place beyond expectation or obligation, a whole new paradigm reveals itself. You will discover a new way of thriving. Giving and receptivity is a two-way flow. Each allows space for the other. When we are in our hearts, we have limitless resources, and that starts with gratitude. Could gifting economies be the seed for a more joyful new paradigm of making the world go round?

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Trust, letting go of control, free flow, receptivity, yin energy, inner knowing, intuition, synchronistic opportunities, getting out of your own way, the path of least resistance, allowing who you naturally are to flourish.

Surrendering can be one of the hardest things to do. Trusting that we can achieve more by loosening our control can take great courage. Sometimes the most constructive way forward is to stop forcing a project into being. Rather than allowing inviting and drawing a project into being, the energy here is of frustration as if you are pushing something heavy up a mountain. At these times, gravity or ‘flow’ don’t seem to be on your side. Use this awareness as a guide when you start to detour from your path.

When control is released, so too is resistance. One of the biggest skills we can learn is to get out of our own way. When we are in a receptive place, we are open to a world of opportunities and the great mysteries can unveil themselves. The mind loves to control the outcome, but this only creates limitations. It can feel scary, but when we allow ourselves to be ‘caught’ by the universe, myriad possibilities open to us.

This painting is called A Star is Born, and its message is about becoming the star you came here to be. You can reach your peak life experience through surrendering and allowing who and what you truly are to flourish. Today, be more, by doing and trying less. This advice goes against the grain of our striving culture that encourages us to source from outside ourselves and to busy ourselves our of a natural state of all-knowing bliss. Surrender is a key element in the creative process. When you let go and flow, allowing intuition over direction, you find you create far more powerful works.

That is not to say our lives should be left to the slipstream. The message is about freeing ourselves from the paradigm of control and force. Yes, we can achieve with this mode, but we also lose opportunities for magic. A synchronistic meeting, following our intuition and being in the right place at the right time, can outweigh months of careful planning.

Loosen your hold on the reins and know the universe will catch you. Trust, even though things are not as you imagined. Stay poised and aligned with your purpose. At the last minute, the situation will reveal its magic.

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