Sacred Rebels Oracle 6/19/2023

Do you dare to believe that what you want, is also wanting you? The genuine desires of your heart are the sacred purpose of the soul, swathed in pleasure. Yet, if you have been shamed, judged for, made to feel guilt over, or denied your natural desires or pleasure in any way, you may have developed a very tricky and complicated relationship with the yearnings of your heart. We often learn to distrust our own desired and come to believe that they are something to be overcome or avoided. We may even try to want second best, disbelieving that we are worthy of our first choice, of what we really, genuinely want, and would fulfill us deeply. Perhaps we have conditioned ourselves to believe that getting what we want is for others, not us.

This oracle comes with a healing message for you. First, trust in what you truly want. Not the substitutions and make-dos, but what would truly bring a sense of passionate, playful purpose and fulfilment to your life. You might not know anything more than “I want to sing!” or “I want to write!” or “I want to help animals!” or “I want to paint!” Start with what you know and hold it in your heart. If you genuinely do not know what your heart wants, explore your desires by making gentle and persistent enquiries of yourself. Ask what it is that truly moves you. Give this matter consistent attention without forcing a response. Your answers may come in a sudden flood, or slowly, over time.

As you get to know your genuine desires and give yourself permission to feel and receive them, a powerful sequence is set in motion. From the depths of the universe, your desire hurtles its way towards you as the perfect manifestation. It is coming to you even now – manifesting itself as the best situation or relationship or circumstances to bring fulfilment to your heart, radiance to your life path and a creative awakening. So don’t give up. Keep dreaming of your fulfilment, but don’t imagine it as always awaiting you in some distant future. Instead play with what it will feel like to be so fulfilled, right now. How will you feel different? Will you be more grateful, more peaceful and content? More confident? More trusting of your ability to create and in the loving responsiveness of this wild universe? Cultivate those feelings. Get to feel what genuine desire and the meeting of that desire – that can them generate yet new desire – it like for you. Give yourself permission to go there, right now.

Remember that is you have people in your life who are shutting you down, suggesting that what you want is not possible or that you are aiming too high, then they need this healing too. Perhaps you can inspire them by giving yourself permission to heal. This will naturally open them to the idea that they could give themselves permission to know and fulfil their unique desires too. Whether someone chooses to be inspired by you or to be fearful of your innate creative power, is completely up to them.

This oracle brings you the message that whether you see it coming or not, your desire is already on its way to you. It is closer than you think and soon you will be able to see it, touch it, feel it and enjoy it. You will then become inspired for your next manifestation based on true desired of your heart.

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You might have been taught that creativity is something you have work hard to access, or that finding your life purpose is so difficult that you must search high and love for it. Yet what you are is within you and wants to come out at every available opportunity! You don’t have to struggle so much. It is more about allowing space for it to manifest and to let the energy flow. The real struggle is not in finding something. It is more about letting go of the idea that you need to search for your path in the first place. You see, the process of activating your life path is a natural one. The effort is in getting out of the way, not in making something happen.

As for being yourself, that is the foundation from which your true life path will reveal itself. Being yourself becomes easier when you give yourself permission to love, honor and accept yourself in all circumstances, especially the ones where you might be more tempted to reject and judge. Give the sacred rebel within the opportunity to decide your values – irrespective of whether they meet with the general social acceptance.

This oracle brings you the message that what you are dreaming of or seeking to do, create, live or manifest, is actually very natural for you. That is why you want to do it. If you experienced controlling and manipulative forces as you were growing up, you would have found it hard to access your natural state at the time. You would have been too busy trying to adapt and get through the trials of childhood.

When you finished navigating childhood and started to let go of who you were taught to be in order to become who you really are, you may have found your life path was not easily accessible. That is simply because your true and natural self was covered by layers of shame from the early conditioning that you had to be other than you are in order to win love or be acceptable.

However, that natural self hasn’t gone anywhere. It is still there within you. Now it is just about chipping away at the walls of shame, perhaps with a defiant, “Who the hell cares, I am here and I am going to love myself anyway.” This allows you to risk bearing the feeling of any shame that arises as you release old emotional wounds and break away from any restraints to unconditional self-love. The sacred rebel within can empower you to love yourself no matter what, simply because you want to. You might decide to declare, “I am still loveable – so put that in your pipe and smoke it!” This will send an energetic message to whomever shamed you in the first place, whether they meant to or not. Your message could be going to a parent, school teacher, sibling, friend, lover or anyone else that was struggling enough with their own shame wound that they couldn’t help but dump it on you. You can be freed to realize that the shame is just an emotion, not a truth, and you can defy any hold it has ever had on you and your ability to love yourself. This oracle brings you guidance that you are now powerful enough to break the cycle. It is time to stop the shame and claim yourself in love instead.

What you want to write, sing, dance or become, is you. It is natural. Drop your defenses, get into the grit and confront the power that any old shaming has had over you. It’s finished now. It is time for you to be naked with yourself, acknowledge how gorgeous you are and get on with your work. Life is urging you to do so, because the work wants to happen. What you want to create, wants to be created. The word wants to be written. You just need to let go of any remnants of the past that have been in your way. Step firmly over them and on to your path.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

An idea has captured your attention – or will do so very soon. It may be a grand vision or the vague sense of something that could be. you are being encouraged to accept the vision, the idea or the inspiration as it is important to your creative and spiritual growth.

Also, it IS possible. The bee is bringing you healing medicine-wisdom from nature to aid the message of the oracle of Inspiration. The bee is a powerful spirit totem. Bees are able to fly with wings that are significantly small in proportion to their heavier bodies. They can do so because of the sheer speed with which their wings move. Your idea, even if it seems like a big, substantial plan that might be difficult to ‘get off the ground’ and up and running, can succeed. You will attract helper to you and the Earth will support the success of this project, idea or vision, because it is about helping the greater good, as well as your own growth and development. When the Earth Mothe lends you nature-based wisdom to support your healing and growth, you know you have an exceptionally powerful ally to your cause. Let this bring you confidence.

Allow inspiration to fill you with enthusiasm, an expectation of magic and marvelous synchronicity, as people, situations and opportunities fall into place to help bring your inspiration into reality. This idea has the potential to flower into something so much more than you realize. It has great potential. It can become something that feeds and nourishes others on their creative and personal healing paths too. It has the quality of a mission and is so much more than one, singular idea.

When an inspiration come from the greater creative intelligence of the universe – even when it makes itself known as an idea coming through a human source – all that is needed to bring it into being will be available at the right time. For the human channel of the idea, it is just a matter of being open, receptive, trusting and enthusiastic about what has come through. Everything required for each step will be naturally attracted to support the success of the project according to divine timing.

This oracle also comes with the message that you are a vehicle for inspiration. You are meant to think and do things differently. You are capable of receiving fresh ideas that are not so ‘out there’ or different that they stop being practical, helpful and wonderful. You are being asked to avoid the trap of doubting your ideas are special or interesting enough. Your inspiration comes direct from the universal creative source and you are being asked to believe and recognize the signature of great intelligence within your inspirational ideas and creative urges – and to act accordingly. To sum it up, this card indicates that sweet success, like abundant honey, is coming your way through your commitment to and development of an idea that you have already had or will soon receive. See it through to the end. Bee-lieve!

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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