Lightworker Oracle 6/15/2023

You have been wondering what will happen next in your life, not realizing how much power you have to decide that for yourself. What do you wish to have happen next? Are you willing to use you divine birthright of free will, voice and empowerment to set the cosmic wheels in motion? If your answer is yes! then it is time to speak your truth to the Universe. Decree it, and you shall be it.

You have been praying for help, asking for a map and wanting directions. You are wise in the ways of the receptive, responsive approach to life. It is spiritually mature to trust the greater guiding power of the Divine to direct your course – and yet the wishes in your heart are part of how that happens. Divine destiny is not something that just happens to you, but it is something that you co-create as a living, spiritual being with free will and divine love in your heart.

You are being honored for your ability to ask for guidance and wait for signs. You are also being asked to set intention and develop faith in yourself – to trust in what your heart yearns for, what you love so much that you are willing to go through the discomfort of growth to see it come to life.

It is time for you to have the experience of seeing your intention blossom into manifestation. This does not mean that you have to make things happen. You are not responsible for how your manifestation occurs. The Universe unfolds according to its own genius, of course. But you are responsible for the words, beliefs and intentions you express that are the seeds of your personal creations. The Universe then responds in its own wise and powerful way.

When this oracle card appears, it is time to speak your truth. What does your heart truly yearn for? Focus on it and say it aloud. Don’t be afraid to speak your dreams, desires, wishes and fantasies. Sometimes is it only in daring to speak them aloud that we really understand what we want. This can be a terrifying, liberating, exciting and life-changing moment. It is the moment we grow into a spiritual adult, becoming willing to take responsibility for our own life journey.

Will you speak your heart truths now? Feel your words moving the energy from deep within, transforming your truth into sound and releasing it as intent into the Universe! Don’t worry about finding the perfect words – just speak freely from your heart. Give yourself permission to express your deepest desires and then let go and trust.

Invocation: By the divine authority in me, I intend to create, attract and enjoy, for the greatest good of all, a life of abundance in love, wellbeing, fulfilment, joy and wisdom. I am willing to take the journey to grow into the fullest expression of my beautiful and true self. May these words be divinely empowered to create my reality: Love. Peace. Happiness. Trust. Surrender. Strength. Grace. (If there is something else you want to create in addition to this, express it aloud now.) May the power of voice and decree, the power of spiritual authority, always be tempered by grace and divine mercy. Through unconditional love and my own free will, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Your spiritual growth is changing your mind, body and soul. It is very real. It is helping you fulfill all aspects of your divine destiny. It is awakening spiritual talents and attracting in new energies. This process will bring tremendous joy and satisfaction.

The body changes as light enters. Alchemy is catalyzed and transformation happens. Sometimes, the appearance of the body changes. there will be change in how the body feels, responds, acts and creates. Radiance increases. Lightness of being increases. If you have clairvoyant vision you will see the increase in light, as though the person is actually it up from within (they are!). Spiritual abilities become grounded in the body, and the person can channel healing energy just as naturally as they would set the dinner table. The spirit becomes a living reality in the body, and the material world is experienced as an extension of the divine light.

This alchemy is an empowering gift of love. Symptoms of this process can at times be challenging. They may include headaches and other aches and pains, flu-like symptoms and inexplicable and nearly overwhelming fatigue that lasts for days – and then suddenly vanishes along with a surge of new energy. We may also experience pinging in the ears, increased sensitivity to light or sound, hormonal imbalance and hot flushes, excessive sexual energy, mental obsessions or mood swings aggression and unintentionally harsh reactions to people.

If you have been experiencing any of the above and wondered if these, or other unusual symptoms, could be a direct result of increased spiritual energy affecting the body, then the answer is the this is very likely. You are encouraged to source whatever professional health support you need to take care of your body. Also, consider using the following simple practices to ease away the side effects of divine alchemy taking place in you.

These simple practices include getting regular rest. Additional sleep is a powerful way for the body and mind to heal and repair, integrate excess energy, especially if you tend to feel mentally congested. Take some time aways from meditation, spiritual studies or discussions and energy work. Instead, simply be in nature or rest. If you work with colors, then take a break for a short time, only working with very soft, subdued white or colorless light. If you have a tendency to push yourself with spiritual work, learning to take time off on regular occasions will help you recover more quickly and suffer less.

Finally, working with cooling energy, not cold, but refreshing, as a way to discharge excess heat, can be extremely beneficial to body and mind. You can do this by sitting in the shade or in a room that feels cool and relaxing, or even by cooling your hands before an air conditioner or fan, and then using your fingertips to transfer cool and healing energy by lightly touching your chest, back of neck and back of your head, ears and forehead.

Invocation: I call upon the beings that love me unconditionally and ask for divine grace, protection, information, assistance, intervention and healing in all ways now, as I change alchemically. May my body and mind be supported and recover with divine assistance. I celebrate the alchemy that the light creates and with kindness I allow for it to unfold in my body, mind and soul according to the guiding hand of divine love. May all those on the path of love and light be assisted to walk their path with as much joy and as little suffering as possible. Through my own free will and divine grace, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

There is a belief system based on fear, doubt and distrust that is known as ‘mass consciousness’. It says it is safer to stay with the crowd, not to question what you have been taught. It says you cannot trust the Divine to take care of your financial wellbeing or your emotional needs. It says you should be afraid and not take risks. It says that if you dare to stand up and live your truth, you’ll be lost and alone, humiliated, rejected or even destroyed. You are being guided to unplug from that system of beliefs. You are capable of a more creative, loving and soul satisfying way of living. To access this, let go of the way that is too small for your soul.

You are brave and aware enough to think outside the square, beyond what society or your peers may consider ‘normal’. You are supposed to be questioning things right now. You are in a transition from one way of thinking to another, opening up to a new world in which you can trust enough to live in with peace and happiness because of the upgraded new beliefs you are cultivating. No matter how others may resist or criticize your choices (perhaps your new ideas take you away from the world they feel comfortable in), your higher guidance encourages you to keep opening your mind to a more loving, higher reality.

If you have been thinking along new lines and wonder if you are going crazy, your guidance tells you you are doing a great job. You are not crazy! Trust yourself. You are thinking in ways that do not belong to mass consciousness. It can seem scary at first, but once you realize the benefits gained from unplugging, you will enjoy the process much more. It will free and empower you to live a life of your own choosing. Opportunities and connections can open up to you in ways that defy your old beliefs.

Sometimes breaking from the accepted norm, doing things differently or being considered weird to family, colleagues and friends is a sign that you are breaking away from the consciousness of the masses, which is not compatible with your own higher frequency consciousness.

You were born to bring a new vibration of awareness to this planet. You will find those who can benefit and even love you for this difference, and those who are challenged or fearful of you for it. Either way, you can love and approve of yourself, nourish relationships that support you and have compassionate detachment from those that do not, without compromising who you are in truth.

So, keep unplugging yourself, one layer, thought, word and deed at a time, from that which the mass consciousness would have you buy into – more stuff, more fear, more competition, more doubt and more suffering. You can challenge any thought you don’t want to have. Free yourself. You have the power to change your world and the world we live in as a result, one liberating thought at a time.

Invocation: Of my own free will, I now ask for spiritual intervention and divine protection through the guidance that loves me unconditionally. I now request thorough and complete removal of any entity, thought-form, belief system, cord, attachment or conditioning from my body, mind and soul that does not resonate with the pure frequency of unconditional love. I ask for this process to happen with divine mercy, wisdom and blessing. I call upon my own inner power and strength to listen for my truths and stand in the light of those truths at the perfect time and perfect way, with the loving and empowering assistance of my spiritual team. Through divine grace and my own inner spiritual authority, so be it. May all beings be blessed with divine love. May all beings be happy and free.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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