Esoteric Buddhism of Japan Oracle 5/25/2023

The deification of the shimmering haze and light of the sun.

Taking swift action is crucial. Expand your observations. Don’t make judgements based on a limited world-view. Traditional culture.

Now is not the time for you to stay in one place, but to be active. By going to various places, you are sure to find the many wonderful experiences waiting for you. But be warned that this opportunity won’t last for long. Instead of spending you time meticulously planning, you should take swift action while a bright glimmer still glows before you. If you miss the chance, it will vanish like the shimmering haze of the sun and leave you with regret.

Marishiten is often depicted as you see her on this card: a divine woman with eight arms and three faces who rides the crescent moon atop a wild boar. Using divine power, she is always by our side, protecting us even if we can’t see her, like a shimmering haze. This haze also carries blessings of stealth. It is said that the ninja would harness this power to make themselves vanish. Ninja and warriors have long worshipped her as a goddess of victory in battle. In more recent years, she is said to stay by the side of the hikikomori, or recluses, protecting them.

Blessings: Protection, safe travel, victory in battle.

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The personification of the great truth-gazing eye of Buddha.

Escaping from the darkness, a new world will open before you. Create new beginnings in place you had given up on. Put your heart and soul into whatever you do. Step out into the vast world.

You have escaped from the darkness and, with a new light, have nurtured a beautiful flower in full bloom. If you put your heart and soul into their care, you can breathe new life into flowers you thought were long wilted and gone. Flowers grown with that much love are strong. They do not easily wilt or fade. Your eyes, once closed, are now open, and you can see much further than you ever have before. Take in all the new sights which surround you now.

Butsugen means ‘the eyes of the Buddhas’ and Butsumo means ‘the mother of Buddhas. Butsugen Butsumo has the Five Eyes: our human eyes, the eyes to see limitless space and time (past, present and future), eyes to see true equality, the eyes of the all-seeing bosatsu, and the eyes of the Buddha give life to all other Buddhas, hence she is known as the mother of the Buddhas. Her blessing grants a soul to all Buddha statues. As an incarnation of the Danishi Nyorai, Butsugen Butsumo observes all with the eyes of the Nyorai and is a Buddha of gentle teaching and guidance.

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Finding the truth with the Five Eyes.

Dispense with your lies and feelings of jealousy. You are not inferior. Turn your negative energy into positive. Be aware of your health.

Be wary of lying to yourself or being jealous of others. It seem as though impurities have built up in your heart. As human beings, we sometimes feel inferior to something or someone. You might not like yourself for harboring these negative thoughts, but the only reason you feel like you’re not good enough is because you have such high aspirations. Turn your jealousy towards others into admiration and respect, and don’t forget to be grateful that you have others you can compete with. Make it a habit to turn your negative energy into positivity.

Once a fierce demon who attacked and devoured people, Kongo-Yasha Myo-o became a Wisdom King, upon meeting Dainichi Nyorai and learning mercy and compassion, repenting his ways to become a devourer of evil thoughts and darkness. Devoting himself to Buddhism, he protects us all with his robust strength. Kongo-Yasha Myo-o also devours the impurities in our hearts. As he relates to consumption, he offers salvation in matters of eating and health. He also purifies troubled hearts.

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