Lightworker Oracle 5/19/2023

The Universe is speaking to you through numbers. From 11.11 on your phone, to the repeating number patterns that catch your eye, information is being transmitted from the creative universal intelligence into your cellular awareness. You may feel energetic healing as you receive these transmissions of number frequencies.

Numbers are energetic medicine. They are particular frequencies in a universal language of love that helps heal and guide you. There are no negative numbers. Healing vibrations of numbers are working for your soul now. Which numbers do you notice most often at this time?

The frequency of 1 is about beginnings, taking the initiative, believing in yourself and accepting a leadership role in which you step beyond the consciousness of those around you, to guide the human race forward into love.

The frequency of 2 brings healing around partnership and allows you to be helped by others, particularly in relationships. Whether business or personal, the 2 indicates more can be gained by working with another.

The frequency of 3 indicates a time to learn, write, teach or develop new ideas. Collaborate with others and create win-win situations. It is also the number stamp of the ascended masters affirming their connection with you.

The frequency of 4 brings angelic healing, divine order and an influx of energy into the physical plane. It is a ‘get things done’ energy, which can help you materialize desires. More than one 4 in a row means the angels are speaking to you. Call upon their loving assistance to help you manifest your divine destiny.

The frequency of 5 announces change and acceleration. An issue is resolving; transformation is happening through divine alchemy. If you see a 5, let go. Allow what is happening to happen. Trust in the goodness behind all unfolding in your life.

The frequency of 6 is love, money, beauty and abundance. Many people are afraid of the 6 vibration, especially multiple 6’s, which some teach are the sign of evil. There are no negative numbers, however. The 6 is a sign of material abundance and healing of prosperity, love and romance.

The frequency of 7 indicates healing ability, channeling of spiritual wisdom and the sage or teacher. It is a sign to accept what makes you unique and to balance your social life with restorative solitude. If you have asked about your life mission, the 7 indicates it is, at least in part, self-healing and very likely the healing of others, too.

The frequency of 8 asks you to step up into leadership that is not ‘apart from’ others, but amongst them. Others may look to you as a role model or authority figure. Accept this with humility and remember to encourage others to find their own power.

The frequency of 9 is a highly spiritual energy indicating blessings, compassion and an ending of a cycle. It comes when resolution of unfinished business is taking place so a new cycle can begin in due course. It also indicates the Christ consciousness and can be a message from any master that resonates with that energy, reminding you to trust your heart and ask for love to bless and assist you.

The frequency of the 0 is a divine wild card. It amplifies the energy of the other numbers and place a divine stamp behind it. Any significant number accompanied by a 0 is a message direct from the Universe. It is the Divine saying, “I am sharing something true and special with you. Take note, for I am with you.”

Use the invocation when you feel the numbers are talking to you and you want to absorb their loving message.

Invocation: I give thanks for the messages, energetic healing, support and encouragement given to me now and always through unconditional love. I give permission to unconditional love to heal my body, mind and soul through the healing frequencies of the numbers. May all beings feel the love and guiding intelligence of this supportive, nurturing Universe. Through the loving grace and my own free will, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

The Golden Light comes to you as a gift of grace and reassurance. It is an embrace from the Universe, an expression of divine comfort and a sign of hope. When the Golden Light appears, it is a sign that everything in your life, even the most troubling matters, is going to work out perfectly. They are held in the graceful hand of the Divine and will be resolved more swiftly and beautifully than you might expect.

The Golden Light is a very real phenomenon, although you may only perceive it when you are particularly relaxed and your clairvoyance is already developed. However, whether you see it physically or not, it is real and powerful. If you could see it clairvoyantly, it would look similar to the golden rays of a setting sun. The same warm, loving flow is cast over your heart and mind when the Golden Light is shining upon you. If you are in a room when it comes upon you, you will wonder if a light has been switched, as the glow is as noticeable as if a lamp had been placed in your room, its warmth illuminating the space.

In truth, grace and divine assistance are always there for the asking, but there are times when we are in need of extra support. During such times, ironically enough, we can forget to ask for help.

Perhaps you are struggling with a particularly difficult time in an initiation or a challenging choice lies before you. Or maybe you have taken a leap and just need to know that you are doing the right thing and somehow, even though you don’t feel in control of what is happening, it is going to work out.

When the Golden Light is given to you, it is freely done so, as a gift from the heart of the Universe. it is letting you know that you are a child of the Universe, and you are dearly loved. It is reminding you that, on the path, the struggle to continue with trust, patience, faith and courage can seem almost overwhelming. However, the Universe is with you, supporting, loving and believing in you, every step of the way. You are not alone. You are never forgotten. You are always loved and encouraged to take your journey. You are reminded that the Universe is smiling upon you.

There are times when you will call upon the Golden Light because you know that you are in need of that loving consciousness, and it is appropriate that you do this. You can use the invocation below. There are times when you will just feel, sense, see or know that the Golden Light is being given to you as a spiritual gift from the Universe. Such is the case, now, as you have been drawn to this oracle. You are being asked to just feel peace. Trust. Know that everything is working out perfectly, and you don’t have to worry – even though you don’t know why you should possibly feel that way! The Golden Light is wisdom and love. It knows, and sometimes that’s all you need to know in order to be at peace.

Invocation: I call upon the reassurance of the Golden Light, the comfort of the divine Spirit, and the loving grace of the Universe. Thank you for being with me now, for bringing me peace and reassurance even in my darkest moments. Thank you for sharing a special truth with me – that you love and hold and cherish and assist me always. I love you! Thank you for loving me too. May the Golden Light heal all beings of fear and doubt, gently bestowing mercy, compassion and the loving reassurance of divine presence into the heart of all. Through the divine grace and my own free will, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Have you been rushing out to meet others, trying to bend or accommodate their needs at the expense of your own wellbeing and inner peace? Now you are to strengthen your own energy, your own boundaries, to find your ground, firmly place your feet there and do not move. Feel your feet anchoring you like a beautiful tree. Let yourself experience quiet certainty, as you hold your center with commitment, courage and consciousness.

You are learning to trust in your own instincts, to take your own journey without comparison to the life path of another. There is no need to become disheartened or distracted by comparisons or judgements. The earth needs your light, which can only come from you. You will offer much less if you try to match your beauty to what you perceive to be the beauty of another.

Many souls who are different and unique were not understood, acknowledged and valued for whom they were as children. Instead, they were encouraged to conform, to change, to be other than their true self in order to be loved. This can be a hard pattern to break. Yet the time is here for you to love and honor yourself as yourself. You are beautiful. You do not need to change for another. You certainly do not need to change for the Divine. You are being encouraged, instead, to distil your essence, to become even more of you. Hold your center now, and do not be rattled by any other, through intimidation, confrontation, doubt, jealousy or fear. To ‘hold your center’ means you accept your innate value and worth, your right to exist and thrive and accept the love that created you as you are in order to fulfil your divine destiny.

This oracle brings you confirmation. You are on the right path. You do not need to collapse into fear or doubt to ease old guilt or make others more comfortable. It is not selfish or hard of you to be strong. You can hold yourself in high esteem and be gentle and loving to others, whilst absolutely refusing to accept any behavior, belief or attitude of another that would tear you down or cast you into doubt or self-hatred.

As part of your spiritual training, your soul learned to be open, to receive guidance and channel healing. This is what you needed to be able to do to function as a healer, channel and lightworker. You had to be sensitive, receptive and open. Now is the time to balance that with resilience, strength and even some divine stubbornness! Refusing to give up on who you are, whilst remaining open to guidance, is the balance of loving wisdom necessary to grow yourself as a divinely unique individual in a world that often fears true individuality – simply because it cannot be easily controlled. Holding your center doesn’t mean that you no longer surrender. Instead, you consciously choose to surrender into divine love and grow more empowered.

You are here to shine a light, to be the lighthouse for others. The lighthouse doesn’t ask for permission to shine. It stands still, shine faithfully, and those who need it are guided by its light to safety. Do not lose faith in yourself, beloved soul. You know who you are. Be strong. Honor your inner beauty and your personal boundaries. You need to feel safe in your ability to say no as much as you need to know that you will say yes when your heart guides you to do so. Be true to you.

Invocation: I am empowered by divine love to hold me center, to be in my truth, to stay strong, to be in my integrity and to act with courage. The only energy I invite and allow to remain in my field is that which supports me unconditionally and with genuine love. I love my boundaries. They are the way that I lovingly choose which energy to invite into my life, and which energy I choose to pass right by me. I do not judge, but I do choose wisely. I love myself and my life path, now. I hold myself with powerful and caring commitment. May all beings know their true inner strength. Through my own free will and unconditional love, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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