Cosmic Dancer Oracle 5/14/2023

In this great sea of dynamic shifting circumstances and events, now is a time to choose flow over fixity. Be flexible, fluid and gracefully adaptable.

You are reminded to love what is. This does not mean resigning yourself to being stuck where you are. You can find the blessing and perfection in your present moment while simultaneously choosing to create positive change according to your highest vision for yourself, your life, and any situation. Such is the wisdom of fluidity.

Fighting against what is already happening will likely manifest misery by putting you in opposition with that is already true. Instead, enter into the receptive, magnetic state of flowing surrender. After all, life is an endless dance of fluid, flowing continuity. Like water, be a shape-shifter and allow your form to change – freeze, melt, boil, evaporate, condense or cascade, according to what is needed.

Access your higher vision now. See how challenges or undesirable situations are all part of the divine design, ushering you toward your highest outcome and more glorious actualization in much the same way that all rivers flow endlessly and irresistibly toward the sea.

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Consider what your physical body is composed of – stardust from the beginning of time. Also consider your miraculous biology, with its incomprehensibly intricate mechanics born from the mysterious dark depths of the vast Mother Ocean and fertile Mother Earth.

Like a crystal you are a conduit, a living, breathing, moving lightning rod that can both draw forth energy, and send it out into the world according to your actions and intentions. Indeed, it is a vital component of your life purpose to draw light up from the golden center of the planet and iridescent white light down from the glowing infinity of the cosmos. Merging and mixing these two energies and emanating them out across the surface of the earth, greatly helps to heal and balance your home planet and all of her inhabitants.

Additional energies and frequencies that you can tune in to – if you so choose – are vast. They include those of gods and goddesses, angels, saints, ascended masters, otherworldly guides, fairies, mermaids, animal spirits, and beloved ancestors. And, like a radio, you can tune in to channels of wisdom and beauty that will lovingly guide and bless you and your earthly brothers and sisters.

Take care to invite in only what is for your truest good. Clear your vessel regularly to protect it from anything unhealthy or born of the illusion of separation. This means consuming healthy foods and beverages exercising regularly, taking sea salt baths, staying hydrated, keeping your thoughts and words positive and calling on the Divine to shield you in light.

It is also of great importance to honor and express your feelings regularly. Our feelings are currents of divinity that move through us. They help us express our creativity, connect with others and manifest positive change. Whether we are happy or sad, joyful or filled with grief, when we allow out feelings to flow (rather than bottling them up), we always feel a deep and abiding current of beauty. Additionally, our feelings are a manifestation tool – by accessing and tuning into the frequency of what we desire, we conjure the desired condition and bring it forth into the physical world. This is why our ancestors performed dances to bring about desired change, such as rain, a happy marriage or an abundant crop.

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Being in tune is being in absolute alignment with Divine Source Energy. As an alive and dynamic being, fine-tuning is a lifelong process. Throughout your journey, you will be called to come into greater and greater levels of balance, mastery, and joy.

Like a concert cellist is awake to the tiniest adjustments required to play the most harmonious sound, you must initiate the loving shifts that will allow you to come into greater resonance with the most authentic and melodious expression of you.

With absolute love, take an honest look at yourself and your life to discover what may be out of alignment. Without judging or berating yourself, become acutely aware of how you are spending your time, fueling your body, inspiring your mind, and nourishing your spirit. Do your words, actions, habits, relationships, and activities fully support your highest hopes, your spiritual values, and your regular connection with God/Goddess/All That Is? Have you been aligning with the purity and truth of your divine essence and Source, which is ultimately the highest and most harmonious vibration of love? Or is it possible that you’ve been aligning with something else, such as fear, worldly ambition, or low self-worth?

Remember that your life is perfectly unfolding, and this card is a loving nudge at precisely the right time. All that you have learned and mastered up to this point supports you in your journey of continued expansion, and none of this expansion would be possible without ‘mistakes’ or ‘missteps’ which are immensely valuable for your soul’s evolution.

Still, it can be uncomfortable to purify and release the things that keep us out of tune, particularly when they involve addictions to substances or behaviors such as codependency, in relationship with others. Release all that no longer serves you and have compassion and patience with yourself during the process of upgrading your life and raising your vibration. Hold the clear inner vision of standing in sovereign, self-loving integrity, and you will not fail to become a pure channel through which divine wisdom and beauty will flow.

As you purify and uplift your vibration, you simultaneously increase your ability to channel the divine qualities of beauty, harmony, and love and to pour them forth upon the world.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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