Lightworker Oracle 5/2/2023

You are elevating your vibration towards the frequency of limitless supply and unconditional love. Spiritually, you are reaching for a high level of attainment. Past pain and self-defeating behaviors shall no longer have a place in your heart.

Christ consciousness is an expression of divine love that comes straight from the universal heart. It triggers a transmutation, an evolution so absolute that we are irrevocably changed. We increasingly become an embodied expression of pure divine will and an unwavering expression of divine love for all who are in need.

This process takes lifetimes to complete. As you proceed, you will receive countless blessings to support your journey and fulfil your soul purpose of serving love. There will also be tests. These give the spirit a change to develop mastery.

There will be tests of forgiveness. It is easier to forgive when you don’t harbor resentment at natural limitations – which is like being angry at the sun for not shining at night. Natural laws prevail, so whether we are speaking of the sun, a child, or ourselves as we grow, compassion allows forgiveness to flow more easily.

There will also be tests of power. As you grow, you will become more powerful. You can use that power to help or hinder others – to manipulate them through fear or encourage them with love. you can nurture yourself on your path, or you can relentlessly criticize yourself for your errors. You can claim your power come from some superiority your possess or you can see yourself as a surrendered vehicle, animated in purposeful action through the grace of the Divine.

You may feel you need to sacrifice yourself for others, but you are just as much in need of love as any other being on this planet. When you are full and overflowing, what you share with others can enhance you and them. It is not a choice between what nurtures you and what nurtures others, as if though those were competing needs. In the realm of the Christ, what nurtures you is actually nurturing for all.

When you are feeling diminished or drained, you have been pulled out of the higher frequencies of peace and kindness to yourself, become trapped in unforgiveness or power games, or seduced by the lesser truths of another, rather than the truth of your own heart. Christ calls to you now to receive his love for you and to allow your own heart to feel the grace and healing of this.

It can be a challenge to learn to love another in a way that does not harm you. Perhaps you learned that love was about making yourself less in order to help another feel like more. This is not love. Nor is it consciously chosen sacrifice. It is a heart acting out its scars from the past. Your heart deserves to experience real love. As you gently claim this for yourself, you will find strength within, much respect for yourself and a willingness to receive much good in your life.

It is time for you to embrace the higher expression of the Christ love within you. You have as much right to experience love, respect and forgiveness as another. Sharing love in any way brings you closer to your spiritual mission this lifetime. It also attracts prosperity and abundance. Let the love in. You do not have to suffer to grow now, you just need to let love flow.

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The light of the stars exists within you. The Earth wants you to share that light with humanity. You are asked to understand that you are meant to be here, that you have spiritual work to accomplish. Give up the idea that you belong somewhere else, to another home in the stars. Instead, let the starlight of your inner being shine here on Earth, where it shall make such a positive difference in the world. Fall in love with Earth’s beauty. She can and will support you in all ways.

Have you been dreaming of other places you would prefer to be? Are you wondering if there is more to life on this planet than suffering and struggle? Perhaps you know you have a mission yet doubt that you can succeed. Perhaps you love life here but yearn to experience the spiritual purity that exists in the higher vibrational fields of the stars. You may feel like a tourist in need of a fix of your home language to endure adapting to a very different world.

Grounding yourself here on Earth enables you to fulfil your life mission. You cannot accomplish this without feeling that you belong here. Your feet need to be planted on the earth. Relax and trust that you are meant to be here. You have a special light to share and a particular spiritual vibration to live, so that the quotient of embodied spiritual light on the earth increases. You are part of an important team of spiritual beings working to assist humanity to grow spiritually.

The challenge for a star-seeded soul is to accept human beings as they are, without despairing over their darker side. The violence may frighten you, but your love will help humanity learn to use that violence to dismantle old structures and create new ways of being. It can be channeled to energize humanity with a can-do attitude towards creating a more loving and functional world.

Remember, you came to this planet to learn and to help heal others. You agreed to take this journey because you can assist both the earth and humanity to evolve their frequency. It is possible! And you are helping make it so.

There are three truths that will help you embrace your journey on this planet. Firstly, you carry the purity of your star ancestry in your heart. You can return through meditation or relaxation at any time. You often return to your star-born home during sleep. The loved ones from that place are very aware of your journey here and are helping every step of the way. They send you frequencies from home, like divine care packages, which fuel you for your earthly task.

Secondly, you are so filled with love that you are capable of loving all on this planet. You have compassion even for those who are wounded and fearful and, at times, act out in ways of violence, cruelty and ignorance. Now, the human capacity for courage, compassion and light is increasing. Your work as part of the team of light-loving beings is already having an effect!

Thirdly, as a star-seeded being, you have special resources for journey here on Earth. Your every spiritual request and need will be met by a loving team of helpers. You get to have a lot of fun in your healing mission if you so choose. It doesn’t only have to be hard work, though of course, sometimes it will be. Just remember that the stars shine with joy in the sky and you can shine as a star with joy upon the earth. This is your nature. This is how you can best fulfil your life mission.

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You have talents within that have been developed through many varied life experiences. You have had many lifetimes already, even if you don’t recall them consciously, helping you evolve and grow into the loving being that you are today. Your desire to grow in consciousness and spiritual power, to assist the divine plan unfolding throughout the Universe, is heard and supported by the spiritual worlds in all ways. To this end, past life material is being activated now for your benefit and the greater good.

Your soul has a history of lifetimes though which it has learned to be wise and developed certain talents. You have learned lessons and acquired skills and abilities. Sometimes these were mastered through very challenging circumstances. You might feel you are obtaining mastery in certain areas again this lifetime, again through challenging circumstances. The soul can certainly develop through joy, love and happiness, but often it is through an experience of conquering a challenge that the real gems are won for the crown of the soul.

The oracle of Past Life Activation comes to you when a power you developed in a past life that would be useful for you to access in your current lifetime. Perhaps this talent or ability will become the seed of a spiritual vocation for you, a skill that expands your career or bring personal joy. The ability that surfaces from the depths of your soul will be whatever is of greater benefit to you now.

Sometimes, whilst a treasure is emerging from the depths of your being into consciousness, it will be coated in the pain of the past. You might notice the outer coating first, the pain of abandonment, rejection, ridicule or shaming that perhaps resulted in the suppression or denial of that soul gift in your past life. This may be the reason you have not incarnated with it fully awakened and at your immediate disposal. You have to allow it to rise up to you, and you need to dig a little, to crack open the coating of a wound and free the treasure that temporarily became trapped in that pain. When you release the pain, you free the treasure once locked within it.

Perhaps your gift was challenging to a community in a past life, whereas now it would be more readily accepted because that community has matured spiritually over time. Or perhaps you have matured and now will value your gift and be open to divine guidance to show you how to use it for the greatest good this lifetime.

The gift you are reviving is worthwhile. As you cleanse the memories, beliefs or programs that once caused you to subconsciously protect yourself by hiding your talent, you will grow strong enough to process the pain and stand in the truth of your reclaimed gifts.

If you have been considering a new line of work, feeling you’d like to explore or express different talents, or have the urge to develop an interest and transform it into a vocation, you are very already feeling the stirrings of that past life activation now taking place for you. Trust the changes you feel. A part of your divine inheritance is being restored to you.

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