Unicorn Oracle 4/30/2023

Declutter your life. Glimpse a magical doorway.

When you declutter your cupboards, you create space for the new to come in. Your guidance is to tidy up your life now. This doesn’t just refer to the physical stuff. A clear-out also releases unhelpful thought patterns and emotional attachments. it re-energizes you in the same way that pruning a rose bush encourages the plant to grow bigger and bloom more prolifically than before.

This unicorn suggests it is time for a physical, emotional and mental sort-out. Are your job, home relationships and friendships, hobbies and beliefs serving your spiritual path? Do they fulfil and satisfy you? Do they support you and bring you love and joy? Look carefully and honestly at every area of your life. If you are hanging on to the old because if feels safe and familiar, your unicorn is reminding you that when you weed the garden of your life, it will regenerate. So make the decision to declutter now.

When you are ready, ask your unicorn to raise your frequency so that anything new that flows in is a better quality than that which you have released. Ask it to bathe you in its light, for the brighter your aura, the more wonderful the new will be. You are creating an opportunity to step through a magical doorway into a sunlit future.

Clear the old and glimpse the magic: Write down the different areas of your life, such as ‘job’, ‘relationship’, ‘family’, ‘home’, ‘holidays,’ ‘hobbies’, and ‘beliefs’. Rate each one 0 – 10 in terms of satisfaction and joy. Close your eyes and sense your unicorn beside you. Ask it to bless you with the qualities you need in order to release anyone or anything that is not serving you. Then actively declutter your life. Look for the magical door to the new opportunities that await.

Affirmation: “I am preparing for new opportunities.”

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Be passionate about your vision. Bring about positive change.

The message of this card is to reach deep within yourself and recognize that you are a magnificent divine being. Accept that when you are connected with your true self, you are incredibly powerful.

When you are fiercely passionate about a vision, you sweep all opposition aside. Enthusiasm lights you up from within and gives you the charisma you need. Your excitement makes your aura sparkle with a magnetism that attracts gifts and people to assist you. You become an unstoppable force, for the universe aligns behind you.

Make sure your intention is for the highest good of all, for with authority comes responsibility. When you receive this card, your unicorn is suggesting that you act with common sense, discernment and wisdom. Ask it to touch you with the qualities that will enable you to fulfil your life plan with determination, joy and integrity. You can then influence others and lead them onto a higher path. You can make transformations in your personal world and even the whole planet. you can be a commander for the light.

This card is a reminder that you can change family and community dynamics. Your unicorn is asking you to use your power to bring justice, freedom, equality, peace and light to those in need. Remember to be your magnificent self so that you can fulfil your destiny, whether small or large. Most important of all, be all you can be.

Stand in your power: Relax and breathe deeply. Find yourself standing on a mountain peak. You are wearing a cloak of deep blue and gold. See your unicorn standing beside you. You hold a Sword of Light. Picture yourself acting with wise, benevolent authority. See how using your power changes people’s lives in small ways, or big ones.

Affirmation: ‘I am strong and powerful.’

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Live in the Now. Seize the moment.

The past is over. The future is a clean slate. The present moment is the most important there will ever be in your life. The thoughts and feelings you have and the decisions you make this very instant will create your future. This is an alchemical time of all possibilities. In this magical second you can decide to receive the happiness you deserve.

Your guidance is to ask your unicorn to hold you in a now moment. Use is with wisdom. Your unicorn is reminding you that soul satisfaction, contentment and joy are your birthright. So, seize this opportunity to release all attachments to other time-frames.

When you have done so, practice living in the now so that each moment becomes a happy, healthy and love-filled present. A contented or joyful present automatically creates a beautiful future, and you don’t even have to plan it. It will inevitably come to you if you choose to enrich the present moment.

Remember that unicorns and the angelic realms are supporting you with love. So, allow yourself to bathe in the wonder of today and you will step graciously into a magical tomorrow.

Live in the now: Find a quiet space and close your eyes. Call in unicorn energy and sense a ball of diamond-white sparkling light forming around you. You are rising up in the ball as if in a fast lift. You are in a high-frequency space above your life. Here there is no past or future, only the magic of now. For an instant, pure unicorn light purifies and illuminates your aura. Anything is possible. Bathe in the moment. Return to Earth and open your eyes. Step into the magic.

Affirmation: ‘At this moment, all is well.’

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