Beyond Lemuria Oracle 4/24/2023

Paradigm Shift: An innovative way of existing, new earth energies, inspiring others, fresh air, flying higher than you have before, more expansive perspectives, consciousness shifts, communication, sharing wisdom, the breath of life, movement, faith, winged helpers, intention, inspiration, change.

We are in a time of great change, and the speed of our evolution is increasing exponentially. With our advancing technology and ability to communicate, more knowledge and power are available to us, as individuals, then we have had for centuries. There are also more platforms where we can share this information. We have the ability to connect with the tribes who are making a difference, to connect with a web of change where our lights unite and increase. In formation that was inaccessible, taboo or shrouded in mystery or initiation, especially in the healing arts, is now available.

We can engage in many tools as we build energetic sovereignty and create pockets where we can choose to make big changes in our communities. We can inspire others, connect the dots and receive and share the knowledge and tools needed for transformation. As we wake up, we can’t help but awaken those around us. It may start with an inquiry on what this fresh, new and long-awaited breath is all about.

An expansive being holds a tiny heart-shaped seedling. When the foundations we build on come from a place of love over fear, we will see huge positive changes in the world. We can start with ourselves.

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Living and loving at full capacity, being unapologetically you, self-expression, boldness, having a voice, taking up space, expansion, empowerment, owning your true power, being visible in the world, having fun with your magnificence, letting go of judgement, creative exploration, radical ways of being.

What would it be like to live, love and feel at full capacity? Do you imagine what it would be like? This card is about being truly and unapologetically you. The gifts you think are too bold for this world and those heartfelt experiences you believe you should hold back on, might just light someone up! The physical self-expression that you dull down so you fit in and those dreams that seem too vast could be precisely what the world is waiting for.

Do you feel you have the right to take up space? Or auras can expand manifold, but we often choose to keep them tight within our bodies – maybe for safety? But what is this construct in which we have imprisoned ourselves? Where does this subtle (or not so subtle) shame come from? Why not dance our most beautiful dance, dress in a way that makes us feel magnificent and sing so our voices are heard?

Considering the paradigm of our judgement in others can help us expand into authentic expression. We may not be aware of the thoughts that were imprinted in us from a very young age, through our parents, teachers, society and the media. Separation and limitation begin with your beliefs around what is acceptable and what is not. Connection and possibility come through owning your power and embracing your responsibility to be more visible in the world – to not shy away from life!

It is time for radical ways of being and thinking, and you can start by granting yourself the freedom and creativity to be you. Having a voice is essential for power to shift back to individuals and communities outside of prescribed normality. It is time to unleash your inner rainbow dragon and unapologetically claim your heart-based empowerment and radiantly unconventional gifts – and have fun with it!

It is time for expansion. You can be as big as your energy wants to be. Stop and consider anything that is holding you back. This card is the permission slip that allows you to let go of limiting stories and take up all the space you need. Have fun unleashing who you are. As bold and radical as some of your ideas or offerings might be, who is to say they are not what the world is waiting for, what the world wants! Take note of any judgement of authentic expression, towards yourself or others. Be mindful that creatively exploring unrefined expression may be what is needed right now. Remember to center yourself in your heart and be the masterpiece your soul always wanted you to be.

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Self-nurturing, going within, time alone, being present with your feelings, cocooning, before the butterfly, being gentle on yourself, angelic embrace.

This card signifies going inwards and being truly present with wherever you are at in your process. It emits a sense of self-nurture and space that is held as a container for our delicate and vulnerable gestation periods.

This image is filled with blessings, like an angelic embrace. This care emanates from the being, implying that she is creating it for herself. The most powerful healing comes from a place of presence and acceptance for all that doesn’t try to fix anything or push things away.

Feel whatever you need to feel. It may be hard to be present with some parts of yourself. Bring them into a cocoon of gentle self-love and reflection, and insight will come, the shadows can be released, and your heart space will soften. Cry or be angry if this is what you are holding onto, and laugh at the hilarious, ironic, divine perfection of it all. This card beckons you beyond your constructed outer self where you can delve into the beautiful abyss of your being. Revel in the twilight before the dawn and let your wings unfurl.

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