Lightworker Oracle 4/20/2023

The Fourth Ray of Harmony comes to you now with the qualities of beauty, harmony and balance. It empowers you to complete a spiritual initiation. Any conflict you experience now serves your divine purpose. It will eventually become the fuel you need to be born anew. Something negative will be transformed into something positive. The Archangel Gabriel helps you to receive the blessing of the Fourth Ray of Harmony, now.

When the Fourth Ray of Harmony is active in your life, you are approaching spiritual initiation, which creates a whole new person, a new you. Initiation may begin with feeling torn between two choices or realities. You may wonder if you have what it takes to get through this. You do. As you discover your strength to be patient with the process, rather than trying to force an outcome prematurely, eventually you will outgrow the conflict altogether, emerging as a wiser, more powerful you. You will have gained a positive outcome from what was once considered to be a negative situation.

When the Fourth Ray of Harmony become stronger in your soul, avoid becoming scattered, out of balance, or swinging from one extreme to the other in thoughts, actions and emotions. You will need to keep grounding yourself and being moderate, rather than ‘all or nothing’ in your life choices. This will create your successful outcome more swiftly than trying to force something to happen immediately.

The challenge and the gift with the Fourth Ray of Harmony is the increased sensitivity to beauty it engenders. Music takes on a whole new emotional depth. The beauty (or chaos) in your environment, and even the colors you wear, has more impact on you than usual. You can use this increased sensitivity to your advantage by choosing art, music, colors and so on that feel good for you.

The mainstream is still operating in a fear-based energy. With increased sensitivity, you can at times be more affected by this. If you are experiencing increased negativity, depression, doubt, fear or emotional instability, this is likely why. You can overcome this without shutting down. When you sense it happening, respond with a loving discipline. You might meditate, journal, dance, create art, listen to music, exercise, have a bath, or spend time in nature to bring yourself back to balance. The ray has a special connection to the arts and guides you to create. You are encouraged to trust your own creativity, to enjoy it and use it to help heal yourself and perhaps others, too.

When Archangel Gabriel enters your life, there will be an emphasis on the use of sound for healing and balance, so the words you use will be very powerful. So will music. You may use sound to help balance and restore your energy. You’ll know when it has worked because you will feel happier and find life simpler. You may not immediately solve an issue but start doing what you need to take care of yourself, knowing resolution is on its way.

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As you meditate, remain true to your inspires your heart and commit to your spiritual path, you become an increasingly powerful healer. You are here to live your own life, to be true to what genuinely moves you. The unconditionally loving guide and Ascended Master Serapis Bey comes to you now with a blessing of master healing to further your success on your path.

The master Serapis Bey is a beloved guide for those who feel a strong soul connection to ancient Egypt, for healers are developing their own modalities, and those who work with high frequency concepts. He also assists with the translation of spiritual inspiration into practical worldly plans. He comes to confirm that the ascended masters are aware of you. You are an integral part of a powerful spiritual team that has taken physical incarnation to help awaken consciousness into love.

You are asked to tune into your heart. What do you love enough to overcome any obstacle to attain it? What motivates and inspires you? Not what seems possible or practical, but what is authentic? We are most powerful when we serve authentically from the heart. A bird might learn how to dive under water from time to time but it is never going to be at its most powerful if it has to live under water. It would struggle to thrive if it were to force itself into such unnatural expressions of its life energy. The bird yearns to fly because that is its divine nature and purpose. You too have divine nature and purpose, and your heart holds the clue. What feels most like you?

It is difficult to access the truth of our own nature when we believe we should live up to the expectations of others. If we are attached to and outcome or afraid of an answer, we can unintentionally block our perceptive faculties – a spiritual version of sticking our fingers in our ears and shouting, ‘blah, blah, blah!’ The blessing of Serapis Bey includes his clear flame of divine cleansing light. This can assist us in letting go of whatever blocks us from knowing the truth of our nature.

when we are willing to be who we are, the Universe can more easily guide us to fulfil our destinies. Serapis Bey will help you see yourself truthfully. You may gain feedback from others that helps you understand the value of what you share. Or you may simply find it easier to view yourself objectively, with a compassionate, appreciative and discerning inner eye. As you learn and accept who you are, you become a more powerful vibration for masters to put to use in the plan of love.

If you have a dream in your heart, know that it has been placed there for divine purpose. What you dream and desire contains the seed of divinity. It is meant to help attract your life mission and fulfil it with love, joy, creativity and pleasure.

If we are willing to go through what is necessary for an outcome, it will happen for us. The details may appear different from what we imagined they would, but the truth remains: If you ask for something and are willing to go through the process required to have that come to life, it will happen for you. The Universe is that generous, unconditionally supportive and loving of you. It is your creative partner. It will provide you with all that you need to manifest your dreams, desires and destiny.

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You are fast outgrowing a level of consciousness to which are attached particular wounds, issues and struggles. As you outgrow that consciousness, these issues will release their grip on you. You are receiving divine notice that karmic clearing is taking place, through a combination of your own efforts and spiritual grace from the heart of the Divine. It is time for an old wound to be released once and for all.

Karma is not punishment. Karma is essentially our soul’s lesson plan for this lifetime, carried over from past lifetimes. It is the way we grow and develop as a soul, sometimes through challenges and sometime through blessings.

Our ‘positive karma’ is seen in the skills and talents we have mastered over many lifetimes. Also, when opportunities flow easily and healing happens swiftly, there is a sense of positive karma, an easy grace that effortlessly takes place in your life. This is what happens when we are clear enough of our own past pain to have little resistance between us and the natural flow of life.

More challenging karma is revealed in the lessons we are still learning. These usually appear in the guise of painful circumstances or reactions that repeat themselves in our lives. The stronger the soul, the more challenging the lesson it is willing to master this lifetime. As with any education, the higher level of training, the more demanding the work. When you are working through big challenges, it is often a sign that you are on an advanced spiritual path. Must you always have struggle in your life as an advanced soul? Of course not! As you master your lessons, you will find that you develop an ability to live your life more peacefully. However, it would be incorrect to interpret a struggle as a sign that you are not progressing spiritually.

Sometimes the more painful a struggle has been, the more difficult it can be to release that pain and associated memories or scars. The spiritual worlds know you are in need of divine intervention to help clear a pattern that was once painfully lodged in your body, mind and soul. Enough of the struggle. Divine love now offers healing and freedom.

We clear karma by learning to trust and relax, by choosing not to punish ourselves with shame, guilt, fear or unworthiness, by continuing to balance our efforts with a surrender into divine grace. We take responsibility for our own healing – doing all that we can – and trusting that the Universe will lovingly and effectively handle everything else so that we can progress and succeed.

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