Magic of Unicorns Oracle 4/19/2023

Open Yourself to Receive. Pay it forward.

This is a card of receiving and then giving. Your unicorn is waiting to pour its divine love and light over you. That light helps you to fulfil your destiny and brings wondrous things into your life. So, your guidance is to ask for a unicorn blessing, then open yourself up to receive. When you do so, magic can happen. Remember to thank your unicorn for what you are about to receive, as this brings the new forward in a divinely perfect way.

Blessings flow in a never-ending stream if you allow them to, so pass on to others any that you receive. To ‘pay it forward’ in this way, expand your heart chakra and allow the love and light from your unicorn to stream through you. Send the unicorn blessing on to someone and picture them receiving whatever they most desire. It may be perfect health, abundance, happiness or something material. You can forward blessings to someone who is close to you or a stranger.

Offer unicorn blessings to a situation in your life or the world and visualize it resolving for the highest good. This will raise the frequency of what is happening in the world and allow divine alchemy to occur.

Receive and send unicorn blessings: Breathe into your heart and sense it opening. Invoke your unicorn. Ask it to grace you with a cascade of blessings. Open your arms to receive them. Sense a shower of diamond light being poured over you. Feel the energy flowing through your heart into your hands. Direct a unicorn blessing to a person or situation. Visualize them receiving what is needed for the highest good.

Affirmation: ‘I am open and ready for a unicorn blessing.’

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Do what makes your heart sing. You are being nudged forward.

This card suggests that you are ready to start on another phase of your life. Before you take a step forward or possibly look for a new direction, your guidance is to open your heart and mind to all possibilities.

This is important, so take some time to think about your future. what makes your heart sing? What gives you true satisfaction and fulfilment? Reflect on these questions before you commit to the next part of your journey. Ask your unicorn to touch your third eye with its horn of light to enable you to decide exactly where you are going and what you really want to create or accomplish.

Consider or write down the attributes you require to bring about your dream. These may be charisma, determination, strength, inner peace or any number of other qualities. As you focus on developing the positive energies you need, your unicorn will light them up in your aura. This will attract a cornucopia of good things to you.

Receive unicorn qualities for your vision: Sit quietly and invoke your beautiful unicorn. Sense a magnificent shimmering white horse in front of you. Gently reach out a hand to touch it and feel the connection between you. Tell it about your vision with enthusiasm. Your unicorn nods to acknowledge it has heard you. It bends its head and touches your forehead with its horn of light. Feel pure unicorn qualities pouring in to support your dream. Picture your next step as if it has already happened. Relax and integrate the energy. Thank your unicorn.

Affirmation: ‘My unicorn leads me towards my dream.’

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Think outside the box. View things from a higher perspective.

Your life lessons are presented to you as a series of challenges. It is how you deal with your circumstances that allows you to progress along your path and pass the tests.

Even when a difficulty seems insurmountable, your unicorn will remind you that there is a solution to every problem, so look at every aspect of the situation from a higher perspective. See with spiritual eyes, listen with compassionate ears and send love to every person involved, however troublesome they appear to be. Whatever trial or setback, love is the universal solvent that transmutes everything. It allows magical solutions to emerge that your conscious mind could not imagine.

This card suggests that you are either going through a test right now or will do shortly. It is a rite of passage on your path that will open a door to something better. You have the courage, tenacity and spiritual strength to handle any challenge, but this may be a time for meditation, negotiation or a complete rethink. Examine everything with wisdom and act with diplomacy, then the outcome will be better than you anticipate. When you raise your frequency above that of a difficulty, it can no longer have an impact on you.

Use your creative mind to think outside the box. Ask your unicorn for help and stay open to responses.

Find solutions: Draw a box. Write your problem or challenge inside it. Write possible solutions, however fantastic and implausible outside it. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Invoke your unicorn and sense it beside you. Ride on it into a higher dimension. Your unicorn pours diamond light into the box and it opens wide. This attracts magical solutions. Picture the situation resolved for the highest good.

Affirmation: ‘There is always a solution.’

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