Beyond Lemuria Oracle 4/16/2023

Manifestation, sowing the seeds of your dreams, creating your reality, trusting what you desire is already happening, magic-making, pollinating your wishes, as above – so below.

You can decide how you want to live. The universe is in full support of you choosing to step into the optimal version of yourself. Dream big, then dream bigger. Now is a great time to start the projects you have been considering.

All it takes is some pollination. In the realms of making magic happen, we say, “As above, so below.” So, start planting your dream seeds, and nourish the soil with enthusiasm for what can and will be. Feel your dream in its entirety as if it is already happening and then let it go.

Let all sense of control or direction go – do not try to manage it. Feel how beautiful your dream’s fruition will be, but then leave it alone to flourish as it will. Any sense of desperation or neediness will only falter its progress. Although the lessons gained as a result of this will bring growth, depending on what you are ready for.

Germinate your dream seeds in the present tense with positive terminology. Rather than thinking in terms of what you don’t want, focus on what you do want as if you already have it, as the subconscious will hear the keywords and bring you more of this.

Be creative with you dream visioning. Create symbols from the letters that make up your wish sentence. Incorporate elements that resonate with your manifestation such as fire or earth. Find meaningful symbols that align with your desire outcome, add a rush of energy and charge it with an intention for the greatest good. In meditation, send them off into the heart space of Aether. Meanwhile, turn the physical soil in real-time. Do the necessary preparation and relax into the knowledge that with your intention, this is enough.

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Truth, trusting yourself, being real with people, knowing the difference between intuition and paranoia, uncensored feelings, returning to innocence.

It can be hard to decipher between intuition and what our mind is telling us. Stories, projections, expectations, or fear can arise under the guise of intuition. To distinguish truthful inner guidance from paranoia, we must return to innocence, to our purest essence. Here we have access to the truth of our being.

What were the very first feelings or visions you had when you considered the question at hand: before you second-guessed yourself? How does it feel in your body when you are brutally honest with yourself? Try to go beyond the layers of what you have been taught to believe about yourself. When some of the logic falls away, what answers remain?

When you ask a young child a question, they don’t censor their answers. Their honesty may not be considered polite or socialized. It may even seem a bit funny. But it’s their truth, and it’s interesting to note how intuitive children naturally are.

To tell the difference between intuition and mind chatter, you need to recognize a clear instinctive ‘yes’ and a distinctive ‘no’. For this, you must trust yourself. The foundation of self-trust is honesty. You must be completely honest with yourself, about what feels good, true and real to you and what does not.

Honesty is more than not lying to yourself. It is also about not withholding information. It is about having deep transparency within yourself. Some might describe their intuitive ‘yes’ as a softening rather than a feeling of tightening, contracting or avoidance. If we are to stay on our optimal path, trusting our original innocence or instincts is key.

Learn to trust your inner-sense or intuition. You are encouraged to be absolutely honest with yourself. Cast aside any mind stories and shoulds, that you tell yourself. In your heart of hearts you know the answers, dare to listen and to honor them. This card may also relate to being truthful with another person. Relationships can only deepen when we can be real with each other. Consider your timing and be considerate, but this is a time for truths.

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Initiation: Oneness, collective consciousness, anchoring transmissions from the higher realms, sacred Earth knowledge, integration of the Divine, working with grid lines.

You are standing at a gateway into the unknown with trust in your heart, ancient remembering in your soul, and inner illumination to light the way. You have access to the seat of creation, the spark of existence, and the codes that hold the blueprints of who and what we are. This place is clear and grounded, despite moving through multidimensional realms and able to bridge worlds while functioning in physical reality. The higher you reach for the Divine and the realms of Spirit, the more important it is to anchor deeply to the Earth.

Explore clearing meditations, self-energy work and put intention into the meaningful parts of your life. Find ways to balance your life. Be aware of the times of day that are more conducive to different states of consciousness such as flow, meditation and productivity.

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